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It was a, it was around nine minute pace, but I was I was wiped out like I was panting and by the way I'd run, I just want that fifteen that that half marathon at a nine minute pace and I was for the last seven miles. But man, this three I was it was just under maybe nine. I was out of it and we I haven't gone pretty drunk before, but seven minute mile is a really fast. Like how do you start jogging like that was always the hardest part of jogging for me. Is the walking out your front yard and then going from standing still to jogging. Yeah, yeah. Sometimes I think just like a nice easy. Warm up is good where you start out really. So maybe even start walking and then kind of each. Do you like like, do you drive your car to go? Why would you drive your car? You're gonna run fucking twenty miles. Fucking Jong to the run. They wanna do that in the past when we lived further from like good running trails. But now we live up by the Phoenix mountain preserve so like the good trail start within a mile of our house. So we just run to the trail head and then kinda get up in there. And is it nicer? Is it nicer living out here is a runner. Yeah, we love it. It's I mean, getting used to the heat is definitely a bit of a challenge and sunburn. Yeah, but yeah, we've been, we've been, we came here in January, so we've kind of been slowly adapting to the heat and. It's actually works well for us because western states can get above one hundred degrees in the canyon sections on that race. Oh, it'll be good for us to be training and some really hot days to be great, holy shit. So so maybe I should come down to run marathon with the Ari. Well, that's what I was thinking. Like if we're going to get you into a four thirty, you're gonna eat a pacer to kind of keep you on bro. No, I'm not letting you pace me at all. I'm going to coach you through this need to be there to to get things going when needed. Do you realize what you like like you're like, you forgave dealing with the fucking Hollywood elite snob. This is over the phone anymore. Sammy that. Losing bugging mind our or this fucking thing. I've got a whole life planned out his so should be. Does stupid to record your the full experience for you? Yeah, that's where my rule. I'll be the cameraman again. Okay. Let's plan this out. So we'll find the most beautiful easy marathon. Okay. Like nothing like the some guy was around the great wall of China marathon knows I. Yeah, fuck that. Does the wall go downhill. Climb up, and I was like, that's not happening. I had. I gave aria list of all these great, great marathons, and he was like, oh, to choose from. And then I was like, and then I was like, what about this one in Hawaii? I wanna get out of this world. I wanna go crazy. And so I don't know if he's going to train for it. Well, we need to get REI on board with the program. So he's ready to break four and a half as well. And then we can have a competition, four and a half, a ten minute mile read about their and how could you could you physically slow yourself down to ten mile? No doubt. And what would you just be like you probably wouldn't break a sweat. It will depends on how hot it is if it's cool, probably not. But if it's like if it gets up above seventy or eighty, how much do you think I need to way to get to this. I honestly don't know if you couldn't do it at your current weight, what we'd be looking for as a body composition change probably though. So like you have more working wait for you as opposed to just like deadweight more the name of my next special headway deadweight. Almost ominous. What I have is dead weight. If this works really well, your fans around the start, calling fit, burn fat. Burt dropped the a and no, that's not happening. Fucking dick head was. I was at the dodgers game with my kids and he was like, oh my God, the machine..

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