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But that pretty much means that I'm only eating meat and fat. So my theory behind not including vegetables and fruits that the modern forms of the fruits and vegetables in a lot of cases, and especially at certain times of the year. Weren't necessarily as high in nutrition as they used to be and at the time, I didn't actually know about the carnivore diet, and there was actually a form zero car, but the time that's what the diet was referred to. And I came across it and upon reading what that dia was just muscle meat, and no real guidelines to nutrients, no real guidelines to macro nutrient ratios, I didn't really think much of it. So you know, three or four years go by and I decided to make a YouTube channel. Because one of my goals was to convey, the importance of these nutrients to other people and how good I felt an even though I took that drug Accutane twice. I mean ruined my liver ruined my body. I'm sure there are so many people familiar with the drug and how bad it is. Even though I took that drug twice it still didn't fix my acne. The only thing that actually ends up fixing. My acne was going on this diet and roofing lot of foods and increasing the nutrients, but there's a lot of the three. Main things I used to explain aspects of my diet are one logical standpoint to the anthropological evidence of our ancestors and three the scientific one of you actually, looking at the nutrient content of foods and the mechanisms in the body, and we can observe that through nutrient databases or even mechanistic studies your eating large amounts of potatoes back in the day sound like you said you're eating like three or four pounds of potatoes. Every single day nowadays new any carbohydrates. No. Back. So over my six and a half years now on this diet. The only time I ever consumed carbohydrates was back in less. You're April two thousand eighteen I started experimenting completely raw most of the time. I consume maybe sixty seventy percent of my food is cooked nocco. Sorry, sixty seventy percent raw. And then the rest is cooked. And when I mean cooked, even though I'm just cooking eggs blue rare a lot of the time. But that one time I did try carbohydrates was on the raw primal diet. I had a little bit of raw Honey, and I tried incorporating some dairy products again, and that I mean, I've always had a dairy allergy when I was younger so that didn't really work out. So well as much as milk products from a local farm, raw high-quality grass-fed. Although there's definitely some things you have to be aware of if doing that the difference between like those dairy products directly from the farm and the dairy products that you buy on the shelf in the supermarket. That's definitely a discuss. To be had. So my reasoning for incorporating anything into your diet is either nutrient density or energy and the role that carbohydrates grains, play in my mind is when we look at certain indigenous groups in the recent.

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