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Show but and we are going to talk about weird stuff today we had a chat intro listen I am how to be able to help you solve problems answer questions take complaints and make your life a little easier and you know you've heard in the news recently or maybe you haven't about drones showing up at night any string Colorado no one knows where they're coming from it's been on the news some people have videos if you have seen them please call us but I'm understanding that one farmer that I've been in directly in touch with and the neighbors they have seen a sixty foot drone six zero sixty foot drone that sounds a little strange area fifty one sixty foot that comes to a low hover and then drops smaller drones out of the bottom of the belly the smaller drones go out and do little tasks and then come back to the mother ship kind of cool it loads up and the sixty foot drone takes off now sounds like science fiction to me but these people swear to god it's happening by the way I'm Tom Martino you just heard mark we hope mark major we also have a host of others on the show who help people we solve problems answer questions we take complaints we make referrals we also investigate problems that you might have ruby's got something he wants to talk about about pro shield I don't know what pro shield is ruby our number is three oh three seven one three talk that's how it works what's going on with pro shield what's happening well I signed a contract with them back in July orange what is it what is pro shield what is it for all time yes control test control okay yeah and they were going around the neighborhood so I signed up with them on the initial scurrying yeah in two weeks when you signed up with them did you have to make a payment up front yes how much yes I will he only charged me fifty Bucks it should have been a hundred and forty nine and then how long did you sign up for when all treatment so I guess that's what they told you yeah well doesn't work and I kept telling them just let me out of my contract I offered to pay for half of the last service because they use product in this girl what pro shield I've been in contact with them consistently since September over damaged and they want me two K. four hundred and fifty dollars to get out of this contract or pay the seventy four and then go through with a hundred and twenty five dollars a month well well first of all first of all what agreement did you find what does the agreement obligate you to it doesn't matter what they want what does the agreement say you will do it will come here forty nine dollars for each street so why do you want to cancel now it doesn't work how do you how do you know it doesn't work because they were here in July and August in the first I still watch still spiders and we still have those little elm Beatles it says ruby here your last name and your address pro shield service contract covers twelve months no more bugs no more worries twenty four seven next twelve months this is a service provided today a.

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