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I seldom going in the, city Cincinnati anymore have, a dog in this fight because whether you like it or not Cincinnati's two heart that beats the tri-state Cincinnati Clermont county Butler county Switzerland county Highland county Boone, county whatever it, is. That this is the heart the city of Cincinnati which I seldom go into is to, heart that beats. The entire region that's fortune five hundred companies are charitable stuff comes from Israeli, athletic teams are the cultural the arts city Cincinnati and so at the. City goes the way of Portland or San Francisco or Los Angeles Chicago New York it's a major major problem that's going to take, years of decades to overcome and I don't see how we've begun going in the right direction yet what's probably going to happen is that cities become darker and darker blue demanding more and more social services of one type or another which, is causing, more, and more normal Americans like you and vacate and saying The hell with it I just can't deal with it Why would you pay confiscatory property taxes when? You can't send your kids to the public school system why would you have a circumstance for walking downtown walking over, human feces and the smell of the odor of urine, which sunny, just spoke about, when you walk around. Third fourth street it's a disaster Last time I went to OT are about two or three weeks, ago we were. Hit up three or four times with vagrants of one type, or another begging. For money and used to be if you did that they took you. Somewhere and said you gotta get. Help you can't be on the city streets living in squalor with, Filton and feces all around you begging. For money you gotta go because. You're right in front of this, business ten feet away and this business owner has, life at risk. And we can't do that nobody wants to be judgmental anymore so you know what that what you're doing here, is not permissible it's a problem and. Don't do it we just don't do that anymore. When we? Ought to do it Cincinnati was is and should be in the future a great city you can't? Have a vibrant city core with dozens or hundreds of people living on the streets in pup tents which you just, heard on the news HIV's located aids hepatitis and God, knows what's, next what's next I don't know so I, hope to thirty about an hour from. City council comes to their collective. Senses and say weeks of this, is a Nuff tell the city police to stop, disregarding their oath. Of office and when you see criminal activity occurring in front of you arrest that person take them to jail, convict them of crime put them in. Programs and make them better this is a failure..

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