Taylor Hall Shows Flashes in his First Game With the Bruins

Poke the Bear


Did you think of Taylor Hall? Yeah, I think if you're a few of the problems you have to be encouraged as what you saw home. It's kind of interesting after the game. He saw a few like National people kind of reactive like I guess I forget who was if someone up in Canada that was like, well you saw from a game the Bruins have the works out for them with Kayla Hall like guys not confident really going to build his confidence back up which I mean he's he's admitted that but he needs to build his game back up, but I don't know how he saw anything from it off. They give you like a red flag of like all this guy's really fighting the puck. I mean, it's his first game with the new team hasn't played in ten days. People forget about the guy was literally was on the it was held out of games wage earning a new system. So, you know, I don't know people are expecting him to to score a hat-trick in his first game, but you know, I think he started off a little slow. I think he had to kind of adjust the new life mate said like kind of a bad turn over that kind of that spin around pass it went to a sabre instead of a brewing so like yes a little tentative at at this. But I think it's a game went on he got more comfortable. I think where you really kind of noticed him especially was transition wise very very kind of assertive and smooth to the neutral zone. Got a lot of an easy. Everybody was able to manufacture a lot of pretty clean Zone entries, which is usually been an issue for this team terms of kind of getting that momentum back. So I think especially moving phone number Against maybe more physical teams like the Islanders or the capitals where they really trying to, you know, have you in your Zone? Haven't got like Hall who can't support a guy like McAvoy or a Grizzly look and get the puck-moving. I think it'd be a big a big difference maker in terms of helping out that group. So I think if you're the Bruins as the the first step I think of to be encouraged it wasn't, you know, I don't get the month of drawbacks and people saying that you know, he he look like he was you know out of it or or anything like that like he was shooting off the rust seemed like he was fitting pretty well with Craig Smith and Dave G granted like Craig Smith might be scoring on a newline you put them on right now you guys just on fire so which is good news for the Bruins, right that gives them an actual finish on that line, but I think it's be encouraging. I think maybe that one thing people were concerned about, you know, there's the The Narrative about until hell not playing winning lucky or being a dog because he was on some bootleg teams, but I think his attention to details as the game went on we're pretty good. I mean That could that checking effort to really break up that last chance Buffalo hat and over time, you know, he was engaged on the other end of the ice or the thing is encouraging. So I think for a first step really know how you have to be discouraged by what you saw because the chances were there, right? He wasn't burying them. He supposed to work on a little bit but as a first kind of audition seemed like he did pretty well in that second line.

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