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My name's knoll been divorced for a couple of years Brown. Yes. Congratulations met. Been married, nine years Frederick. They called me Ben. Our super producer, Paul one take deck in his away on adventures, but we are joined with our super producer Casey peg rim who you may recognize from several other shows here at how stuff works bay guys. Thanks for having me in today. Thanks for coming on the show. Casey. Most importantly, if you're listening to this, that means you are you you are here in that makes this stuff. They don't want you to know and really as math ninth anniversary. Yeah, that's true. Actually, yeah, it, yeah. Now, while you're listening, but while we are listening to ourselves, unless this episode somehow comes out on the same day, we record it, which usually doesn't happen in less quick peek behind this curtain. We got something wrong. But yes, massive, congratulations met. A lot of people may not know that you in case you have worked together extensively in the past in the film world, right? That's right. We owned company together for a while there. He shot my wedding. We made numerous projects together. Yeah, shout out to Brad elephant. Oh, dear. Oh, no. Now people will know what to search on. There might be some stuff on Google. I think the website is no no longer up. He shot up your wedding and you guys are still did, but it was it was like celebratory style in the air. It was like a wedding. It was. I think it was a Bank heist now wedding. Yeah. So always wanted one of those. And how cinematic would that be? Speaking of. Amazing. Segues guys, finally getting to an episode that a lot of you have asked us about in the past. I mean, for years, we're all film buffs here at the studio and like many of you. We spend a lot of time kicking around theories. In discussing the implications various works as well as they are greater influences on leader films and filmmakers. Today we are diving into one of the most well known conspiracies in the world of cinema and to do this Justice. We have to begin with a single man. His name is Stanley Kubrick old. STAN. The man Kubrick was born on July the twenty sixth of the year nineteen and twenty eight in the Bronx because there have been in the Bronx. Yes, I've never been there. I often away we went to the Bronx once. Right? Yeah, we aren't brief briefly there on that that that went to the hidden buildings. Yeah, yes. Yeah, that's not a secret anymore. Yeah. His dad was a physician and his mother, a housewife, and he was a bad bad boy. Yeah, he's who is who is in tortuously bad at school in elementary school, he had about as minneap sciences as he did a attendance days. It was an outcast. Once he got to high school, he later claimed I never learned anything at school, and I never read a book for pleasure. Until I was nineteen. But when he did, he caught the bug and originally he wanted to either play baseball or beer writer. Imagine how different the world would be. If we were talking about Stanley Kubrick, the third baseman, the third baseman, right? And he did have one shining aspect or moment in high school. It wasn't all rainy gray days and sad songs on the radio. He turned out to be a promising photographer, which I think happens with a lot of people later, go onto become directors, right?.

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