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What is that mean? It means knowing and The Institute was founded in 1973 by dr. Edgar Mitchell who was an apology 14 astronaut on his way back from the Moon. He had a mystical experience of Oneness and realized that there was much more than he had been taught. So he decided to found the Institute of noetic Sciences, which is Thursday. Based in Petaluma California North of San Francisco and it for almost fifty years has been studying these topics scientific scientifically. So looking at energy healing telepathy Consciousness as a unit of field and it's important. It's significant because given the importance of this topic you might expect that other universities are studying it and unfortunately, that's not the case cuz it's so controversial University of Virginia has a lab but many others you can lose tenure or or not get tenure if you're on the path if you start talking about telepathy or near-death experience, there is a very strict materialist assumption in the academic community that those things are not possible and it's taboo of those people call themselves educated Choice when they're not willing to look at new information. And and if you can just prove it, that's fine too. But just take a look at my goodness. And so what so what does what is the New Age? Institute Institute do it runs studies on a lot of these topics and and in a rigorous way. So peer-review Journal papers on the science of these phenomena, which people might have a nice experience. But in order for the scientific Community to understand it there needs to be rigorous work behind it. And dr. Dean radin is probably the most well-known scientist there. He's been studying this stuff for about four decades used to be a defect in the US government's was written many books on it and so he helps get the name out. But I think it's it's important for more people to know what it is and know that it exists because some of the findings are totally my dog, especially if you've never heard of any of this before and you realize wait a second statistically speaking telepathy is a real phenomenon mind-to-mind communication or psychokinesis, meaning the mind can actually have an impact on physical stuff without any contact. The mind is having an impact. Even if it's small it's world-changing. I'm optimistic that this organization has existed for so long and that there is increasing interest right now. As people are going inward because we're forced to be inward. There's there's more time to think about life and death and existence. And are we a part of.

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