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Will not try to prepare for. But it's this hot. For something like this. So. Again at the White House calls to the switchboard went nowhere. We apologize. Due to the lapse in federal funding. We are unable to take your call the government funded these barriers and these even the national Christmas tree was closed and essential issue continues to be funding for a border wall. The president tweeted that he is at the White House waiting for Democrats to come back and make deal. The acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, is also the budget director says he's extended an offer to Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, which is less than the five point seven billion dollars. President Trump wanted for a wall. President Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria resulted in the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis, his stance on that has now resulted in the president moving up his departure date from February to the first of the year. We get more from CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff, the Syria. Order is the proverbial straw. That broke the camel's back for the outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis will be replaced sooner than expected on January first by deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. This is CBS news military consultant, Mike lions, he'll execute on. Whatever. The president orders are those orders are to remove troops from Syria. He'll have to figure out lay the groundwork in order for that to happen but Shanahan will be doing that. As acting Defense Secretary the Senate sign off on Madison's permanent replacement. They'll Rakoff CBS news, Washington and Mattis did in fact sign the troop withdrawal order yesterday. Seven thirty four WCBS. The search continues in Indonesia for survivors of a soon. Omni killed over three hundred seventy at least three hundred seventy people and injured over fourteen hundred over the weekend. CBS news. Correspondent Barry Petersen. Reports looks like no one could survive all of this. There is still hopes says Red Cross workers Kathy Mueller is the rainy season here. So there's always the possibility that if someone is trapped that the rain is trickling through and they're able to take the rain drops of water that are coming through. And this is not over. There are high tides until Wednesday and the Kenner was still active still erupting. That means another landslide could trigger another shoe NAMI and this area now crowded with rescue teams could be hit again. And perhaps the most devastating part of the Sonam was that it came completely without warning seven thirty five at WCBS. Get your news, traffic and weather on demand. Stream us on your phone on the radio dot com app and favorite us today. Some books.

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