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Radio. That's 25% off at Lifelock dot com slash radio. Wear the various news station. A one block stretch of San Pedro Street in downtown San Jose is now closed off to car bringing you straightforward and trustworthy information around the clock step taken to give the many restaurants that run alongside at some extra room to spread out all news all the time, right here on KCBS. KCBS first for traffic. Here's the latest on the roads from Kim. Alright, we have an accident just coming in for Hayward. This is said to be on the Nimitz Freeway near Winton Avenue on the north bound side. A couple cars got into it Don't know if any lanes are blocked. CHP is just now heading to the scene. So far as I take a look with the chilled, not a body collision camera. Don't see slow traffic at Winton. I see some slow traffic around Highway 92 so we'll see how this one shakes out. This report brought to you by Lucky and Lucky California accident on the Coast Highway. This is in the area around Princeton by the sea just north of al Granada. Eso. There's an accident with injuries. They say Highway one looks to be right near Capistrano Road. That's right. At Princeton, it was reported on the North bound side, although it's the South bound side where I see the slow traffic in any case. Emergency units are still coming aboard the scene of this injury accident. Bay Bridge looks great metering lights are off. It's a nice quick trip into San Francisco right now. San Francisco City freeways are in great shape as well. The only thing that's a little bit slow is heading into the haze valley off the Central Freeway off the North bound. Wanna one lucky and Lucky California put the world's greatest food within your budget for Taco Tuesdays. Fridays and every day this week beef tri Tip Rose are buy one. Get one free and trimmed in the max pack. Lucky and Lucky. California the Golden State of eating your next update follows. Ask an expert or is neither right here on the traffic leader KCBS right now. The man seen asleep World six Day forecast. Aaron Pecking k p x five This is going to be a great one with the marine layer over taking much of the bay. We've got some light.

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