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Thirty I'm Karen Trinidad Kaylee newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM all right so check it out it's just a big Alan Jo Jo for our friends at the Colorado lottery and I've just come to the conclusion that I would like to become a millionaire three hundred and seventy eight times over three hundred and seventy eight million three hundred and seventy eight million dollars no reason to have to rub the the the the genie the genie bottle and hope that you know the genie pops out and bring to your three wishes which would be money and money and money well you also have another wish which would be more wishes but one of the ways you have is your dream home more say the dream car that she wanted to travel the world you can do whatever you want to do with three hundred and seventy eight million dollars that's over a third of a billion dollars that could be in your pocket we buy this place if we I had three hundred seventy million dollars just just saying it would be it would be a lot of fine so just think about it start fantasizing that start making your list what would you do with three.

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