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He won't want to admit it. I'm fascinated and I don't know how much of a glimpse we're going to get it. I absolutely fascinated to see what it is like for him to be on the outside looking in is he going to be tweeting if he going to do any TV if he going to disappear and not let us have glimp-. I, you know, again, people say, oh, he's gonna go bake movies. He's going to be miserable. At you know, in better than I is going be miserable being out of the playoff. And I don't care how much money you stack on a table. And I don't care how many movies he can make this summer. He's not gonna be happy being out of the playoffs. But in the grand scheme. I think the six months will help him. He probably needs it. He. He will probably come back next season with a vengeance. But what is today marks twenty seconds twenty third? I don't know who the who the second free agent going to be I don't know if they're gonna be able to trade France, and he Davis and those questions, you know, they they need one of them. I mean, they they gotta crave for Davis or they got us foreign free agency. And I just I don't see the free agent who has the Lakers at the top of their list right now. I just don't. Yeah. I I don't either. And the Davis thing I felt like they may have had a shot in the summer. Because I I firmly believe that Kyrie is not gonna be in Boston, which which then would not let Jason Tatum part of that deal in my opinion. So I felt the Lakers were back in the driver's seat. But then the unfortunate circumstances of Brandon Ingram happens, and my guess is and you would know better as far as the way other GM's would see that. That's probably someone that they're not interested in trading for at the moment. Considering his health situation. I mean that very well could have look the pelican first half to identify who's going to be making the decision, which they have it. You know, that's any fairies in the air right now. I do think any ferry has a decent shot shot at keeping that job. At least those the indications that that are in the mix as we speak could things change could someone emerge as a strong contender there. You know, we'll have to wait and see. But we don't even have clarity on that. And you know, I think there's a feeling now that this suddenly after you know, after yesterday is suddenly a two player draft because everybody's saw them rant and got so excited about what he did. Even though he probably shouldn't be billed as the prize. You know, the surprise that he is because he's doing it all year. And obviously, you know, he has he's the best point guard in this draft coming up, but it just the jest that there might be two picks that can be dangled forgave. It's not just the number one overall picks that would have New Orleans vary. Trusted, depending on where that goes. And if the team who lands in the top two in the draft wants to try to trade for Anthony Davis. So unfortunately, there probably too many variables for us to really give great answer again in late March. But I mean, the Lakers have plenty to be concerned about they they have no clear shot at Davis. And again of the top free agents in this league. I do not think the Lakers are number one. Any of those guys lists as Sam Mark Stein?.

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