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On Sunday with a high near fifty right now thirty five at eight ten and what oh three one W G Y and on that way situation by the twin bridges an accident north way northbound by the twin bridges two lanes blocked. Several cars reportedly involved, stop and go traffic from route seven exit seven, and there are reports that several ambulances have left the scene there in an emotional scene at the Albany international airport late this morning. The remains of army private first class. John Martin returned on a Delta Airlines flight Martin was killed sixty eight years ago during fighting in the Korean war funeral services will be held at one pm on Sunday at Flynn brother's funeral home in scottsville a burial. With full military honors will be held at two. AM at prospect hill cemetery in scottsville, Alaska's largest city dealing with major damage following a powerful six point six earthquake happened about eight thirty this morning. Some of the aftershocks from the quake in Anchorage measuring up to a magnitude five point seven so far officials are reporting forty aftershocks ten of them above four point zero and magnitude an Anchorage. Alaska homeowner. Recounting how scary it was to experience. The earthquake this morning, lower butchers home security footage of shaking during the powerful quake has gone viral butcher says she and her family were able to get out safely. G plans to spend the rest of the day cleaning up from the wreckage solid gains closing out the week on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials finished the day with a gain of two hundred points to close at twenty five thousand five hundred thirty eight NASDAQ up fifty seven and the S and P five hundred climbed twenty two in Albany county man pleads guilty dune attempted burglary charge and as part. Of that plea he'll be classified as a mandatory persistent violent felon when he's sentenced in this latest burglary, Dennis grant of Knox admitted editor hold on Johnston road and Gillan this past July stole property including jewelry and cash homeowner. And her children came home to find grant in the house before he fled. Police apprehended him several days after the burglary in the same neighborhood grant could receive a sentence of twelve years to life in prison when he's sentenced in January W G Y news time five thirty four..

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