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Really lean yeah and so you're in this flip this head life flip in headlights i was doing now is also working childcare at a church on west and one i like year watching kids watching kids yeah a daycare like data about behavior yeah did steve moore who daycare at cells of going from body shop into the daycare and then still trying to do my shows and at a certain point i was i was making more money selling tshirts and cds than i was investing in these headlights house alsina fast a return on on that so i eventually was able to stop doing it but i was in this i think my my break i guess was getting the do this college touring scenes called nacka anna so i drove around a played a lot of colleges a lot of times it was you know that lunch time you know we were kids regan chicken caesar rafts with their back to you and your plane you're on music may mix in a little bit of side cyrus to get their attention and i did at for a couple of years and i actually made good money doing that but it was i could tell i really wasn't build in the fan base and i wasn't getting better right song so i decided to change gears and stop doing that and be poor again word and you know what be a pause also a you really find out who you are yeah that's where that that's all reason i can still know who i am 'cause they go what would i do about five still port because it was i'm appointing more jaswant or most of my life and sometimes when i had these decisions like okay which lane what i want to go i go yeah okay if you're still poor which lane would you go that reset me real quick yeah and so you're you're out your plan colleges your plan cafeterias yeah and you go as not for me burnt out burn out exactly did how do you start to develop fan base what do you do to develop bambas well a couple things happen.

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