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To help you win. Traffic's backed up NewsRadio twelve hundred. Lift oklahoma. Just the. Man. Waning Galveston maybe on the plane. Hey, how you doing? What you got, sir? Well, I'm gonna throw me that most people are not aware of Dale let that man. No didn't even let their man. No. That was going to Turkey that he was in trouble. I don't know the jets flew to Turkey and at the goal over there. It lands to say look smoking good looking for smoking saw. I'm gonna tell you something when the troops come out. It might sound crazy. That man was assassinated Jarrett. Trump Noda man was going to be home. They allowed it man. The goal but out. And I'll say that straight from Houston, Texas. What do come out when they do that? It is going to be up to his neck. They walk that money. They have no Bank. Elbow gate Trump. No money. Other than overseas. That's the only reason you never let them compact that would have exposed. When you first started all you gave you analyze it. But I I didn't know you were the lawyer now Cohen is a Turney at Trump surrounded himself with that man for ten years. Now, the man of the ally. Soda. Trump, dan. That's what that man is. Let's start with the first issue. You brought up with the first your your concern over kashogi is what what why? Why are you concerned Saudi air allowed at man? Okay. Let's assume for the sake of the are here. Over. Of the argument, Wayne, they did now what? Look in. See what Trump Aetna? What is better? Trump. Okay. Let's assume that explain to me again, why you're concerned about a Saudi journalist. Well for one is like. The man using that seat. So let's see that here. Compact to see if he bought, okay? Lil Wayne, I can't do this. I can't do this. Okay. You don't like Trump you've registered repeatedly that you don't like Trump. I don't believe that you know, who kashogi is. I think you've seen that it's in the news, and you would like to use that news headline to in some way, impune Donald Trump, which is fine. But you don't know anything about what you're talking about. And you can't tell me why you even care. So look here look here. To me why you care so much about a Saudi reservoir. I dare you why? Because the way it went down the man went over there to get married. They knew he was in danger. They usually allow let the people know that. Hey, don't go over out. But they allow that man to go away. And let's assume they did now what? So what does your point the point is this they won't weapons to be? So and I know Trump to believe that to be true. I think you're correct now. What? Okay. Okay. So so what? If you think Trump own somebody some way kissing up to and that Saudi key press. Whatever somebody you got to be crazy. If you could tell me that he going to be reelected, you should know Betty ain't gonna be reelected. I'm gonna tell you what Wayne. It's not going to be an electoral issue, whether the Saudis, whether whether the Saudis kill kashogi, that's not going to be the case and the truth is you don't care about kashogi. If you cared about killing you would care what's going on in Mexico. But I'm gonna tell you this you tell me a more award lane. I see this is this is not the barber shop or prison. You you talk. And I let you finish. And then you run out of things to say because you got about twenty seconds worth of look here. Look, here's let's have an adult conversation. I'm gonna tell you this Saudi Arabia is one of our three most important relations. Well, one of our five most important relations in the world. It is a powerful alliance in a very dirty part of the world. And when I say dirty Amin, it's ugly business dealing with Middle Eastern security, and it is. Is of paramount importance to the United States to maintain some level of security and stability in the region and our single most important ally in doing that is Saudi Arabia. Any of you, think them killing? If you think that that is going again, Wayne, I I try I give you more credit than you deserve. I think you've about major point. So I'll make mine that is an incredibly important ally of ours in a part of the world where we have some nasty well organized very committed enemies in Iran, and HAMAs and instability in Lebanon and concern over by rain, and that peninsula falling if the Saudis aren't there? So let me go ahead. I'm going to explain to you our situation there, and you don't have to like it. Okay. It's a complicated world. We cannot impose our level of decency and fairness and Justice at will on the world try as we may. Putin kills his enemies. Yes. I believe that is true. I do. I think there are human rights abuses that the Russians have undertaken against the Ukrainian. Yes, I believe that's true. I believe that the Saudis and their behavior in Yemen is distasteful and ugly and against our belief as to how you should deal with a situation like that. However, we maintain an alliance with the Saudis because they do a lot of our bidding in the region, and because the Saudis are kingpin the Lynch pin of Middle Eastern security, and they behaved badly and the president wagged his finger at him. And that issue is over and if Barack Obama were president and the Saudis had done that there would have been nothing said about it and nothing is ever going to come of this. And that's as it should be. It is not our job to pull a prints out of his palace and bring him here and put him on trial. That issue is over Wayne move onto the next one..

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