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St know how you guys doing good affirm your way wherever you may be feeling somewhat tired somewhat somewhat strained machina. who achey that's why achey. So this has been what so far. This is the first day some accordance on wednesday now. So this is deferred going to the gym back to back days and kind of essentially working out getting back into the swing things and of course. Amen god damn it feels difficult and this is probably another reminder why. I'm definitely not going to do this again. I'm the letter of just like bees sedentary of course i've got the excuse of and the lockdown and stuff. I pretty much to take off the pedal. I didn't buy kale bill. Are they really do many home workouts. I ran a couple of times. I wasn't really on top of it but this is the last time i do this because i don't want to have to go by is again. It's so difficult moving up what you when you've got extra fat. They need to kind of get rid of i. It just feels difficult. Everything feels cumbersome everything for slow you just feel the far jake. Nothing works as what it should do. It's just annoying right jeremy. So people which probably explains why. I love people who are bigger. Don't go to jim in the first place because it's just so difficult to get going when you're big just fill horrible feel like it. Just don't move incorrectly. If you like you you look like an absolute. Which don't you're doing the graphing brave and being jim the focus but you've got so much so speaking your head. They just puts you off unusually. I don't know why is a humans when it comes to working out humans. can somehow. yes. Humid continously seventy we. We don't really have a good way of judging time so we'll be goes to the gym and your unfair and she's a really fit. You meet at least feeling bad about yourself but then you have no idea how long it took that person to look like that right you just immediately judging us of like based upon what that person looks like when you don't know you know if this person is a flip in Junior level professional flipping athlete. Or some shit right or has been training for the portraiture adult life or you know started doing this stuff on five. Hundred has been committed for a year and a half whatever right. You don't really judging the same. I'm going to show that is about humans that we just don't have a way of kind of accurately placing where we are in terms of the goals. Were trying to achieve. Which probably again. Like i said explains why people who are bigger publishers. Don't tend to go to the because just annoying right fair enough. I think most people probably don't like going to gym anyway. Boever chore you have to go get close on. You know sweat people. Some people don't like to put themselves in in uncomfortable positions. Which again is a frightening considering how you know pathak not perfect. Considering how easy life is in the modern world people going out of their way to know addiction stress and strain on the sources. A bit pizarro. You'd imagine you want some kind of you know that's why probably now is well. The oda is the more i understand. Now why some guys go to like paralegal in get into fistfights playing five or six games and stuff. Some of is of his latest neanderthal behavior. But some of it is just like a necessary need for men or human beings who just go out there and kind of let loose and kind of you know. Take your frustration or just you know whatever run around the pitch to the and gabby flustered get pushed into the side of the cage.

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