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Really good office of mine. I just think when I got there is towards the end, and you know, we didn't play well down the stretch. And we didn't make the playoffs and everyone got kicked out work done with us on the line from radio row in Atlanta's. We get you ready for Super Bowl fifty three. Do you still own a piece of the falcons? Yes, sir. Now that right there now, that's that's an incredible accomplishment. You went from a drafted player coming out that played on the team to having a part ownership. How did that come about? And that's in obviously, it's been profitable for you. Well, it's it's it's crazy because Mr. blank built a really good relationship with Mr. blank. He's author blank majority owner of the falcons, and you know, when I left and went back to Tampa for one year. I would love to call your partner we had a lot of same values caring about the community giving back and change in lives. And it went I didn't really understand what he meant by. Hey, I love the call your partner when day and believe it or not. I mean, he cooked. He talked to me like three or four times. But hey, you really need to do this. You really need to become a partner couldn't me dinner one night and so forth. Okay. Let's say we could work it out. And you know, it's crazy because I had to retire officially retired from National Football League and go in front of the owners meetings, and they had to nominate me to be come apart. And they said I had a approved from all of the owners. So it was a crazy one night. I was a player the next day. I became an owner. So. We talk of a oh boy out here. Joe montana. Tom Brady, all these great guy. Hell with them war done owns. Do you know any other players that own a share of an NFL team? No, I don't I think it's probably one one.

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