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This'll week in the PGA Tour makes its next stop on CBS, where some of golf's Bast included the top ranked player in the world. Dustin Johnson, along with Justin Thomas and Brooks kept step on the course of the Valspar championship. Live coverage begins Saturday and Sunday. Three eastern 12 Pacific only on See me. Oh, oh, giraffe time. Oh, draft time tomorrow. The NFL draft tomorrow night begins at eight. P.m. Eastern time. We will have first in the morning reaction. So be here for that First morning reaction on Friday morning. To be here and we will break it all down Friday morning by the way tomorrow. We will have Daniel Jeremiah join us here on the show. So Daniel Jeremiah is one of the best. He's on NFL network. He's gonna drop on by to break things down today. Charles Davis NFL Network's gonna join us. We're all over. The NFL draft and have been For many, many weeks now, now the best offensive lineman in this draft. His pin a school from Oregon, and I don't know more as how much you pay attention to Variables or the Numbers. The combine numbers, etcetera. You're big Combine guy, No combine this year, but I was just Doing some research search the other day on the NFL draft. I had to take note of the size of Panay Sewell. Today. Sul stands at 6 6.5. He weighs in at £331. How would I describe that? He's built like a farmhouse. This guy is enormous. And you think about today's NFL. Today, Soul is 66 or 673 30. It might not be a top five pick in the draft. This is how dominant the quarterback position is. And this is how Furiously. Teams look for offensive help. I'm sorry Quarterback help because Trevor Lawrence is going to go. One likely. Zach Wilson's gonna to go to likely a quarterback goes three to the San Francisco 40 Niners and everybody figures. The number four If someone doesn't trade up into that pick for a quarterback that you're looking to Kyle pitch coming off the board at a Florida so today, Sue is likely to be the fifth pick or worse in this traffic again. There's no Worry, and there's no embarrassment or apology needed for getting drafted 567, But the guy's an Outland Trophy winner. Ah, unanimous all American first team all Pac 12. Has played in multiple big bowl games played for a power conference. A power team in a power conference is 663 30. Has great footwork and is built like off farmhouse. And he's not even a top five pick of the draft. This year's that amazing? Yeah, we go back to the 2014 draft. I believe it was that we were at where was just offensive line Heavy. Might have been 2013. I have to double check that. Most years, I would say, honestly said this most years if it wasn't for a Trevor, Lord's coming out specifically, you're talking about penny soul. If there was no opt out because he didn't play last year, cause the Koven That's a guy where he's probably going first or second overall in a draft and you have this much love affair of quarterbacks and a freakish talent like Kyle pits and have him slide of the top five in a league by the way. Where the biggest issue I think on the field is that offensive line play has slipped so dramatically hurting these offenses. People should be tripping over themselves to get penny. So on your right is my father's top five. I think, though, that this is gonna be a trend now in the NFL, and it's always been a bit of a trend where the quarterbacks are pushed up the board. You know, people tend to say that there's two board there's the regular Prospect Porter. Then there's the quarterback board, where Trevor Laurence might be the best quarterback in the draft. But let's just say Zach Wilson is the He's the best prospect of the trapper would go number two. I think this is going to be a future. I really do. I just think that from now on, you're going to see quarterbacks. The best quarterbacks are gonna be the first 2 to 3 picks every single year. I don't know if we'll ever get back to a place where offensive linemen would go 12 or three or pass rushers, don't you think? Because everybody is so dire. For better quarterback. And maybe even the Niners were good example. They have a guy that just was good enough to bring them to a Super Bowl, and they traded two draft picks to get up to get his replacement. The Rams had a guy I'd bring them to the Super Bowl in Jared Goff. They couldn't wait to trade draft picks to go get Matthew Stafford. I got a feeling I got a feeling that from draft from here on out Not gonna be best prospect is just gonna best quarterbacks and 123 and then best prospect. After that. I leaned with you on this until this week. Here would be the caveat today because we're going to get into breaking down all these quarterbacks later in the show. What if five quarterbacks go in the top 10 or so which we think could happen if you consider all the top five and really only Trevor Laurence pans out, leave these on the table. The other four guys bust out. Wouldn't that be a cautionary tale for other teams going up that you don't need the necessary trip over yourself Just because you need a quarterback, and we need to make sure we get the quarterbacks Couldn't it always go back the other way? If guys are frequently busting to not should it should be cautionary tales. But every year there's going to be a GM or a head coach that feels like they're better quarterbacking away from a Super Bowl or keeping their job. I mean, look at what the Bears have done. They kept the same guys in place. But I mean, how many chances is Ryan Pace get to figure out the quarterback position every year. It's okay. Travis. He's not the guy. Let's bring in falls. Okay. They're not the guys. Let's bring in Andy Dalton had they had a high draft pick, They would have used it on a quarterback. I think this is gonna become the norm, where Niners didn't win the Super Bowl, so let's find a better quarterback. The ramp didn't win the Super Bowl. Let's find a better quarterback The Dolphins. I mean, let's face it. The Cardinals had drafted Josh Rosen, Let's find a better quarterback and Kyla Murray I think that this might just end up being there's no patients. There's no time the Jets just drafted Sam Donald number three Overall, they couldn't wait to get rid of them. We're gonna move on..

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