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Did you at any point in time? Just look at these people complaining about last-second calls by whistles that should be swallowed and say Crimea river. Did you any point in the back of your head? Bruce. You know, the other thing that people sometimes forget a little bit the referees that are working in tournament of the best ones. They were picked because you know, what they've done their body work over their careers and what they've done during the year and during the turnament best ones advance. So you can't you really can't complain about officiating the ended up late ornament. Now, it's like the plan about the rest in the NBA playoffs. Only. Best rap sit there, and you know, they're trying to best they can. And you know, I hate it's far less would always Holly apologizes to me how Jenner offline are major dumb beginning every time. 'cause he goes I gotta ask. So we gotta ask you what happened in the Auburn game. Look what happened in this game. We got ask you about Bill Robinson, Seton Hall, and that, you know, it's always gonna be, but you can't change it. So you got to move on and his long as officials. They those judgments called they gotta make it you're going to get some people are not gonna like see Rick Barnes, and Bruce Pearl going to be asked about this. Thirty ish now too. Not as much as we are because ours was in championship game. But in in those two areas absolutely ours is ours is a little more national because it was the championship game in their league. An in circles where they are. They're going to be asking time. There's no question about that. But hopefully, it doesn't linger as long as Seton Hall Michigan. Well, last one for you PJ, I wanna ask you about the the association because you are well-versed in that with your work with the the worldwide leader in sports as we are getting set for the playoffs. How real the bucks? Do you think they can take it down? If certainly the warriors advance from the west. Real. They're good enough to win it. I really a lot of when I said more teams avid chance this year. I still think Golden State's the team to beat. But when you watch the ups and downs they had all year, you I think they're more vulnerable than event any of the last couple having said that that's still the team..

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