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It's hard for me to see, you know, even if he appreciated the high tech aspect, and the you know, sort of global successive Israel, don't you think you'll be disturbed by the very different foundations of the state? I'm not trying to push this. Action. It just seems you know, this language really stands out from your book about the kinds of visions. He had. I mean, Israel is a state that deep within its DNA is depends primarily on military might in its own self consciousness, and hurts himself had a very unbuilt view about that. Because on the one hand here's a man who wanted so much to serve in the Austro-Hungarian military and was very upset when he was turned down twice. You went to the military physical twice because he really wanted to serve and he does right in his diaries early on in Zion career in a very positive way about the military. Why does he want to kill people as he violent, man? Not at all. It's about honor. It's about dignity, and which shot through the whole book really is masculinity. This is a man who desperately wants to prove himself to the world as a, ma'am. And in that sense, some of them achieve MO of the state of Israel and its militaristic ethos some of that might actually appeal to him. There was a I think unintentional justification for calling the. Movement of his remains from Vienna to Israel in nineteen forty nine. It was called operation Herzel, and it was done with military officiency in the actual interment ceremony on Mount Herzl. There were soldiers torches, he would've loved it. He would have loved the performance that in that way. He's in that way, the revisionists are not wrong when they claim him to be a kind of a ancestor of Jabotinsky leading Jabotinsky who was very much into the show of military power not for violence per se, but the kind of the honor and dignity that would Hertzel have wanted to state where young soldiers is Rayleigh soldiers are constantly, you know, in battle and where Palestinians are being killed in expropriate. No, he would have found that absolutely horrifying. And the question is though to what extent we can judge any of the founders had soul fights Mun Hotta, even Jabotinsky? Even been going on. We can ask what any of them would have thought. So it is quite striking that the if you look at the history of Israel over the last eight thousand ninety years, Israel and Zionism you'll see that the two main conditions of China's is in the fest phase would be Labour's line is very practical. And all that and the later stage in which we are in now, the more Ethno national chauvinistic type traditional these two would be completely foreign to old huts represented in Seoul in his project. Wouldn't they they would because he's a project again, he's middle class social reformer? He's not a socialist. He flirts with it. But he doesn't like socialism he likes private property. What he writes in the Jewish state in the Jewish state. We will have opera beer, you know, but nationalization of tobacco and alcohol industries. Yes. Because their source of revenue source. So he's a kind of a mom. Moderate state socialist. But they called in Germany at the time Katina's, O'Toole least, which meant socialists of the preface Oriel share, mild, social reformers, that's all he is. But he liked pretty much any mainstream political leader of the early. Twentieth. Century could not have possibly understood the extremes the polarizations that twentieth century twenty first century history of taking us, but raises the question. What can we learn from Hertzel? What can we gain from him today because he was so different? And what I see now is how a post modern take on Hertzel is actually using him to critique the Zionist project as a whole there's a t shirt that shows Seoul, overlooking Jerusalem. It says to to gain I think it was if you will it it is or dog off Hosh this group that was big in the two thousands, still big. Okay. Yeah. They have take on the oldest Rayleigh educational TV show called the Debbie which it taught English to Israel school children on that other visa can elite. They go back in time to children at cartoon that go back in time to eighteen ninety six and they see hurts only go back to the for sinus congress in ninety seven and they see those eyes those big wide is..

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