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It's Quinn came to save the day and take him to the same place of people was being put to sleep. Or he's like a detective for like a crime unit in New York. It's like a detective Quinn was on the case came across Peter Schwartz him in a durable, shared a room. The image that I'll never shake. Is Schwartz waiting in the waiting room of a vet at 10 o'clock at night on a rainy night in New York City, next to the dog with the cone around its neck. Best visual ever. What do you win for first? What do you mean for Rabies? What do you mean for got my Yeah. No lollipops of that, Dr Schwartz. Only a tennis ball on the way out the door. Okay, Which one of you guys has the fleas, Both shorts and the dog raise their hand. I mean, you, you you, you Okay. Which one of you guys drink out of the toilet bowl and got sick? They both raised their hands. Let me see. You mean you owe Which one of you likes getting free stuff by just giving us a face. Which one of you begs at the dinner table. Huh? Which one of you would rather eat trash than a salad? Which one of you hasn't eaten something green and 30 years. You know what that would be just rattled that off. He probably went to the exact place you should have been going for treatment. All right. Which one of you has a stomach ache? Because you over eight. The fried chicken tenders that were left out on the dinner table. Both of you. That's both of you vomited on the kitchen floor. Could you be more specific, Doc? Number four. The 12 days all the D A's of the 2020 year and the previous years are available on YouTube, So search them out there. But also on social media at Facebook on Twitter. To get our YouTube page. All of them are available for your listening pleasure. A B has our final headlines the morning, Mr Bogus what we got D a quick Giants. Recap for everybody Ugly home loss of the Cardinals on Sunday, wasting all the good Mojo for the win in Seattle, then confirmation yesterday that Daniel Jones out of a leg injury, a new ones who has pulled hamstring in that loss and now offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has tested positive for covert 19. Hide ends. Coach Freddie Kitchens will call the place Sunday night against the Browns. Wow! Against the Browns. Yeah, Revenge game. It could be a Colt McCoy, Freddie Kitchens. Revenge Game a crown. Wow. The Giants don't believe there are any high risk close contacts to Garrett. But they are working remotely today just to be safe. Raiders receiver Henry Rugs on the covert list, so he's missing Thursday night football against the Chargers. Ella's calling Keenan Allen and Austin Meckler, questionable with leg injuries Kick off in Vegas is 8 20 Eastern, and I've got to mention this Lion center Frank Rag Nell played most of Sunday's lost the Packers. With a fractured throat injury. Most of us didn't know you could suffer. Now. He's okay when it comes to breathing and eating. But talking is the problem. Matthew Stafford and Shays Daniel made the line calls during the game on Sunday. And I guess since he played on Sunday, he theoretically is going to play this weekend as well. These guys LeBron James, wait now not to get biographical here. Ah, Throat is Throat is a bone that you can fracture like who knew that You want to understand exactly what he did it is lowering sits like his wind pipe. That is what I think you should. But I was always taught. You could only fracture a bone. You can't fracture cartilage. Yeah, infused by. I am, too. I wonder if that's technically a fracture or if it's more like a bruising or a I don't know, because that is weird that what bone, would you Was fracturing your throat. Interesting. Yeah, The only stats I read yesterday was like how often an injury like this happens and they normally happen in a car accident or sports because of the high impact collisions. But nothing actually explained what's broken because I was confused as well by fracture because I didn't think there was a bone in there besides, like your spine, which is not what he did that you could break. LeBron James and Anthony Davis played their first preseason minutes last night 15 for LeBron 18 Frady and the Lakers won 12 1 of seven women over the son's college shoots number. 20, Ohio State losing 67 60 at Purdue, but seven trying to Villanova took care of Butler 85 66. That's career win number 600 for J, right. Number 21 Duke won at Notre Dame 75 65 San Diego State is the latest team declining All Bull invitations D a back to you..

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