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Columns on my website title more. Kob.com. Welcome to the cash my killer podcast. Thank you for listening for this week's episode. I spoke to Kim who is the mother of Julia Davis that's 1,000 young woman who died under questionable circumstances on November 11th. 2011. Julia's death was profiled on a 2019 appisode of the ID series. I'm still a mystery on the evening of November 11th. 2011. Julia Davis met her friend Kristin Beck told the two young women were supposed to have a night of fun job to stay overnight at bechtold's house the two women met up with Jordan Campbell Freddie Scott in Katie Nelson, the three were friends with Bechtel, but something would go wrong for Juliet. At evening Julia called her sister tabhi around 3:23 a.m. Asked her sister to pick her up at a gas station during the phone conversation table. He said that she heard zeleny told back told to give me my T's five minutes later. Toby said that Julia called back and changed the pickup location to arrest stop off I-77 wage job. He said that during the call Julia was crying cursing and appeared angry at Vic told Julia said that she would tell Tommy what was going on when she arrived at the meeting spot at 3:48 a.m. A truck driver called 911 to report what appeared to be a dead body in the passing Lane of the interstate. It was Julia in the details of her condition were gruesome thought she was decapitated in naked above the waist. Also her clothing was neatly folded and laid on top of the guard rail. Julius coat was at the bottom then her shirt and bra off. Set on top of the code after a 16 month investigation the police world that Julia was thrown from her car and hit by a semi the case was ruled an accidental death and then closed off inventory Davis are angry with this ruling Kim believes that someone else drove Julia's car accelerated and then ran over while Julia was lodged underneath her car her head struck a guardrail boost which decapitated her Kim believes that the person who killed her daughter then tried to remove Julie his body from underneath her car most likely when her body was pulled from the car off her shirt, Jack and Robert pulled off while the person dislodged Julia's body. The accident Theory doesn't explain how his blood was found on the front of her car and the undercarriage. It also doesn't explain why Julius clothing was removed and neatly folded and placed on a guardrail Kristen bechtold has denied being in the car with Julia when she was killed off. We also hired an attorney immediately after his death. She has never reached out to the family with any details about that evening Kim tabhi and internet sluice believe that there is a police officer that told Katie Nelson and Freddie Scott all have ties to current or former law enforcement officials. Now on with the story of Julia Davis As Told by her mother took in India was born in nineteen. Ninety one in Colorado Springs. She was very much a planned pregnancy wanted. I mean, was just over the moon when I got pregnant with Julia. She was a good baby, but she was like on my hip all the time. I had that child with me. We're everywhere we went and hobby was born maybe Seventeen nineteen months after Julia was and I pretty much kept the two of them together because yep, Of them to be best friend and I honestly thought that maybe possibly was the leader out of the two because it home or when I was around she seems like the more outgoing person but is it turned out Julia with equally and her own way outgoing but she was from what I have heard from when she was just hanging out with her sister. She was soft-spoken but yet sweet and very much you knew she was in the room not like an attention seeker, maybe but just someone that everybody knew I was there I found out that maybe she had helped people when they were upset sad. Someone was picking on them or in the bathroom crying. I've had people contact me and say I am Julia was there for me and comforted me. She did this she that she grew up as a while. She was a cheerleader for maybe four years at Williamstown High School. And she stayed at high school until her senior year, I believe it was at Williamstown and we moved over here to Marianna and it was primarily because the girls you know this time there was a lot of racism in that town and there were just a lot of fights and things that took place at school that were raised related. It was just more than the girls could sneak and I was frankly very tired of it. So they came to Marietta they sort of found their place and the night. That doesn't me go back. I did not know the first time I met off to me friend Kristen Silvia had text me and told me to swing by house that she was at here in Marietta and she wanted money or something and she wanted to introduce me to Kristin off and from that moment that I met her. I felt something was off and I know this is going to sound stupid but the girl talked to me like I was a teenager dead. Like someone her age and I felt that that was like I think if you don't have respect or you don't respect your elders or you don't at least fear, you know, hey, I'm concerned about what they think of you. That's something you need to kind of worried about someone who a kids. It's maybe twenty years old twenty one years old who talks to you and has profanity or whatever in front of someone's mother. Yeah. I had just a really weird feeling about her. I went to work on a Friday night. It was time for me to get off and I remember today was supposed to stay with her friend Kristen and I text her I was getting gas text her and asked her what she was doing. She told me off. Told her to be good promised me that she would I she also promised me. She would not drink and drive. I told her I loved her and my understanding was was she was supposed to spend the night with Kristen so later that night. I don't remember off hand what the exact time was I hang stuff on the site with the exact time was but she had called probably had called my phone and I had my phone turned off and it was on vibrate. So I didn't hear it, but then called my mother's phone my mother woke me up and told me that Toby was on the phone and you know, I needed to take the call something was wrong and I was screaming and crying. Mom. Mom.

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