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Some bills and stuff. That's on the table where they're trying to open. What were they Federally decriminalize. It's called the more act. Yeah so you know. How does that affect the industry. We're going to see man like you know how it is with everything right. You know everything has some goodness and bad to it right right so the good side of it obviously is going to expunge records. Okay is going to allow candidates to be that. Take a sponge of record it. Does the retro activity allow for someone who say may have done fade time on two different be. It's just for we though with that. Allowed them to sponge their record so they then could participate in the cannabis. industry best. The intention as an expert will studied exit. Yeah that's the that's the intentions of it. You know what i'm saying. Well we're trying to do is trying to get to the point where we can allow these people who lost their freedom something that was so demonized in whatever to now that is a billion dollar industry for them to be able to participate approaching trillions. Own choice so. I think i think it's going to be bigger than liquor and might be big in the pharmaceutical ami man i was talking to my partner who He he did to be awesome a on a bunch of weed and shit and he was. He was wondering you know. So you mean to tell me this is gonna let me spun to my record sir. Legally he actually wanna work with us at viola new. You know what. I think you take your. We need all the experts that we could get like for real men they ought to. They ought to experts like berlin. And say i got mad stories. But like i came i came into they liked. The industry used to shun the people that so we before the before the industry. That's the entrepreneur bro. Then leagues they. Bill they may billions in the black market. I want them on my team. I want that kind of entrepreneur working with me. He said they tried to push them out. And that's why a lot of those companies to me. They raise fifty one hundred two hundred million dollars and they didn't have anybody from the industry and that's why a lot of them out of business. Yeah right right. So what was the real turning point for viral. when did you recognize it. Okay we have something when it likes. Shot into high gear for me. I think it was in a it was in twenty years from your like twenty fourteen in the two thousand fourteen and for me it was when i finally got my cultivation down guide like when i finally realized we had our team really realize that we how to grow cannabis okay understanding cannabis at a high level and we also decided to be a concentrate company. Which at the time in colorado is only five percent industry right. You know what. I'm saying so taking that chance. If this is okay all right thank you. Would you have brought some fine samples that we will be sampling here. I light up when she took the violin. Massive leap above smoke on real quick. Believe i'll what stranded right is Is junk shot. Oji the nice. Oh gee for. Europe shadow. G tastes pretty good. Should get your right. Let's see how you visit man like what is the. What's the process to sell. We'd i mean. I know how to shit you done on. You know no fashioned way but like. What's the process now well. The process is not talking about farm-to-table differences. Now own it right or people like you know black people so you go to grow is basically you go straight to the grow as i say. Oh let me get to times. Nah i grow own stuff. Yes i'm i'm a real. I'm a real operator in his thing. You know what i'm saying. There's a lot of people that have that. Have you know approached that a lot of people that have approached which way and for like. I'm just gonna pull up on somebody and say i want to tons way you know and some market i think at the end of the day just depends on what market you right. Every market is different right. A market like california is pretty tough to go that whiteley was white labeling so taking that approach because the price of wheat is like the stock market saying bro pre pandemic like fire product. We can get it for like two thousand and twenty four hundred. Now since the pandemic sense in the about exotic. I'm talking about exotic exotic for to exotic for two to twenty four hundred you now. I said thirty six hundred forty eight hundred so at the end of the day. Just imagine you built your business on buying your exotic two thousand twenty four hundred now the market selling you gotta pay thirty six forty eight hundred. I will be upset. And you out of business a because the end especially in legal cannabis because now you gotta pass on that new price point to the customer that used to buy your shit for fifty dollars eight now you tell them you gotta spend. Eighty is hard to convince people to do that. So i believe that you know Insert markets meaning like california. You gotta grow your own shit. I'm saying so. That's what we in the process right now finding our own cultivation right now we are white labeling but we might leaving with partners where we actually give them a genetic so i give them the jump shot genetic nonstop. Give them the basic stranded. Give it to them to to scale to cultivated. I get a little bit Say here need attorneys exactly okay. So that's how i'm operating count everywhere we everywhere else. We are oregon. I grow all myself. Okay colorado. I grew up myself michigan. Agro myself to be maryland in missouri. Cultivate and all that shit myself. Congratulations man one. Time for the black man selling right way. You did what. I'm saying man not many times. You see that nicosia. We'd say minutes the right way eight-man and a lot of weed man in my life goes on but you know i must say you put a new spin on that motherfucker that staying. Gi she innovative too hard to go to this point. Got out of that. But that was the kicker right. A lot of negative did it. They ain't got shit on you. Not that room yes. So what do you think is going to take to have. More minority inclusion in kansas man.

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