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Ready to go. you don't sound. Are you sick careers surprise. I'm not. I'm like. I'm not as good as mary. Cousy like she had frenchie on point this week on the slob. I could i practiced. I cannot do a now. it's me today with you. i'm doing well. Teheran feeds have been very interesting over the weeks. I even thought okay we give to h we want. Then you know things are just going to be smooth sailing because they've done so much preparation for weeks but it was still a good night a feed so i didn't mind staying up late and getting up early the they don't stop strategizing just because the plan is in place lots of lots of talk to get into. We are of course here to update you on everything that happened yesterday on the big brother. Twenty three live feeds. It was day sixteen in the house and it was frenchies last day of feeds. But i don't actually think. I have a single thing about him any here that it's the the main thing that came out yesterday from me for frenchy was his conversation with big d and just how he was like man. I wish swaggie. And dave and will come pick me up and take me to the airport. I mean it would be really nice. Swaggie and bailey picked me up. I just i don't like the drivers swaggie invaded. Yep like what yeah. I don't know where that came from. It's like you think that they're that free. They have nothing else to do than come. Pick you up. Frenchie the star of big brother twenty three and driving to the airport as i. The delusions is. Yeah so that was that was really my main highlight for frenchy. Yesterday there you go well. So frenchies last day on the feeds we We had the lead up to the fiction and then we had a post eviction needs where we have a new. Hr wage new plans for the week. New plans old plans will talk about it. But let's get into it all. We started the day with tiffany. And kyle and and this was a very interesting conversation because specifically i'd just been talking just prior to this conversation in yesterday's update about how thailand and tiffany are seemingly like two of the power players in the game and that he's one of the few people that seem to understand how dangerous she can be in the game but he doesn't mind because she's on his side she is going to be really like i would say sitting him down but they were standing To to be like kyla. Like i am with you like you're my guy in this house. I trust you so much in this game. And i really respect you as a person and as a player and like i can connect with you like these other people in this game. They don't even ask questions about me. And i'm fine with that. Like let them just think that. I'm some single mom. Whatever they don't need to ask about the business that i created. And i'm really proud of that but i'm also here for for myself. My family my son. It's like i like my business but it's not what it's not what i wanna do. I'm here to change that. And she's opening up about that and saying that like they that she again look really kyle yet. I really liked that. She was also on this explanation. Can you hear me. Oh maybe it's on your end. So one thing she also said in this conversation was that even though she deserves it outside of the house like being a single mom. She doesn't want to be looked at it that way like she doesn't want people to look at her like she's a single mom she desires. She's like i want to be. I won't be able to look at my game. Play in the house and see that i desire bit so i love that she actually sees that like okay. I need to play a hard game to play the game. That like i would be proud of not. Just oh give me to the end. Because i deserve the money so i love seeing that from her..

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