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And then add lemon Grove at sixty five years time eight oh two in this hour of the news is brought to you by anchor funding dot net San Diego county is asking the governor for local control on re opening the economy supervisor Jim Desmond says the County Board voted unanimously the motion to approve the foundation for getting back to work the framework for getting back to work so businesses can use that to create their own plans the state police re open and then also requesting from the governor total local control over how and when we open up businesses in San Diego county at the request of the governor the big gap but it's very powerful and we supported that in the final vote to give San Diego open again and give us local control to do it does the devising business groups set the gold standard for their industry when it comes to cleaning disinfection and taking care of customers whenever these companies are back open Jack critical news meanwhile the mayors of Coronado and San Marcos excited to get their cities back up and running Coronado mayor Richard Bailey things local and state leaders are taking a passive approach to re opening the economy we need to be proactive and re opening and allow their businesses to re open western health precautions in place to protect the public's help in order to protect the dignity of the worker and allows them to go back to making a living and speaking how does mark Larson mayor Bailey says Coronado small businesses are ready to reopen but San Marcos mayor Rebecca Jones has problems with only allowing small businesses to provide curbside pickup burden in my opinion because then you've got to figure out how the online shopping and well business is going to implement that all businesses are required to develop a safe re opening plan in compliance with the county guidelines Josh will lift in cocoa news so you can see the full list of guidelines it's a pogo dot com keyword news and coming up we're gonna talk to Jerry Sanders the head of the San Diego chamber of commerce at.

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