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At 1 800 new bath or online in metro bath dot com. Bathroom remodeling. It's what we do. It's all we do. It's 1 18. African weather on the AIDS to rob Stone worth in the W T o p traffic center. Well, at least the Beltway is looking pretty good in Maryland and Virginia. New problem in Maryland, North Bound 29 near 1 75. Exit number 20. That's where the Little Patuxent Parkway getting the first report of a crash involving one overturned eastbound on 100 Ellicott City. The rant to go north down on the 29 the right side block, According to Jeff, We do have two cars in the ditch there with response on scene. 301 North down on the Harry Nice Mag. Middleton Bridge to Crash there Understand? Traffic is alternating. So watch out if you're traveling across the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge between Maryland and Virginia at this point on to 10 North bound near Livingston Road. That's where we had the report of a crash. Otherwise, looking smooth in Virginia on the butt way between Alexandria and McClane sat down on the George Washington Parkway after the key bridge. The left Lane was blocked before Was about island. So watch out for that. If you're traveling at this one north bound on the Fairfax County Parkway Burke Center Parkway. That crash should now be completely gone. And your travel lanes open. No problems being reported on. I 95 except, of course for the volume, the even Lord headed across the aqua con in down 1 23 Further south, You remain clear toward Fredericksburg. North on I 95 started See some fine as you make your way past Spotsylvania toward Route three and Frederick Bergen, Beyonce wore the Rappahannock River. But nothing reported in your way. I'm Rob Stallworth, w T o p Traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists, Lauren rickets, lots of clouds and fog around today. Temperatures in the thirties and forties and more showers scooting through the area.

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