Alabama Woman Allegedly Steals And Paints Neighbor's Goat


34 year old woman arrested for the crime. Mm felony. The theft of a livestock is a misdemeanor, so she gets charged with that bond said it $6000. Deputies say she removed the goat from a neighbor's property and brought it to her house to show her child. They say At some point, she decided to paint the animal and post the photos to Social media. When the goats owner discovered the animal is missing. They called different neighbors and said, What did they say to the neighbors? Have you seen my goat? That's what they said to him, and neighbors said I've seen photos of your goat painted on social media. E shouldn't be laughing. This is a terrible story or something. I don't know. It's God's gonna be fine. All right. It's just It's really okay. Yeah. Go to Pierce. We find it. I'm not exactly sure what the I like The fact that she had to post bond so she didn't you know, Skip town on that goat painting start

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