A highlight from NY man found guilty of threatening members of Congress after Jan. 6


Of the over. Four hundred trump supporters who are facing criminal charges in the january sixth attack on the capital has been brought to trial yet on those charges. And that's normal. That's kind of the timetable. These things it doesn't happen that quickly. But another trump supporter for was not at the capitol on january six but committed a federal crime for donald trump. Two days later on january eighth has already gone on trial in federal court in new york city for that crime and last week the jury returned a verdict in that case after the trump supporter took the witness stand in his own defense to testify under oath that his threats to assassinate nancy pelosi alexandria ocasio cortez and chuck schumer for just jokes. The defendant brendan hunt. Thirty seven years old has been in courtrooms before his father was a family court judge and new york city and before he was arrested on. Federal charges of threatening to assassinate members of congress brendan hunt was a clerical worker in the new york state court system. It must have helped when he was applying for that job that his father was a judge and that same system but his father could not help him off the witness stand in federal court when he was asked under oath by federal prosecutor. David kessler about his jokes question. We played a video where you referred to killing the juice. Do you remember that. yes. I remember that joke. It was in very poor taste. And i never uploaded that video now. The juice video was in poor taste because kill the juice means. Kill the jews right. Yes that was in very poor taste right. You're joking about killing the jews right. Yeah that's sort of a thing that was said a lot online as far as making offense comments and things. Hitler memes are very prevalent online. Yeah i'm not asking you what's online. This video wasn't online. I'm saying you decided to make a joke about killing the jews. Yes i did. The online world but brendan hunters referring to is the trump supporting online world. Where he says. Hitler memes are very prevalent. The prosecutor asked about something else in that same video question and in that video. You said george floyd was a porn star and a drug addict who died of his own addictions. Do you remember that answer. Yes question was that a joke answer. No in establishing this trump supporters motive in threatening to kill members of congress the prosecutor asked. You thought it was a fake election. In fact and brendan hunt said quote. I believed the president. The two leaders brendan hunt seems to believe the most are donald trump. An adolf. Hitler quote question you wrote trump should just declare martial law. Cancel the transfer of power and round out the domestic enemies of the republic. The military and the american people would back him. During hitler's first term in office circumstances were such that it was necessary for him to override the democratic process and become the absolute leader of his country. Trump should probably do the same if necessary. Did i read that correctly. Answer yes on january eighth. Two days after the invasion of the capital hunt posted a video entitled. Kill your senators in that video. He said quote we need to go back to the us capitol when all of the senators and representatives are back there and this time we have to show up with our guns and we need to slaughter these mother in previous facebook. Post brendan hunt identified. Nancy pelosi alexander. Cortez chuck schumer as high value targets. Saying quote they really need to be. Put down these commies. We'll see death before they see us. Surrender in his closing argument to the jury. Prosecutor david kessler echoed the prosecution in the execution in in the murder trial of derek chauvin for the murder of george floyd those an echo of that closing argument that we heard in that case when he said that you could believe your eyes. You could believe what you saw. Brendan hunts video. Could believe what you saw there. You could believe what you heard him say. On those videos quote this is a case in which the defendant told you everything you need to know. You heard him repeatedly threatened to kill members of congress. He literally said i shoot them and kill them. He called for executions he called members of congress high value targets and the defendant also told you why he made these threats to interfere with congress's work in certifying the results of the election and to retaliate against congress all of the congress democrats and republicans for certifying the vote he said members of congress were traders. They should be scared to be in public. They should go out with bodyguards. And he said he wanted to broadcast those threats out to the world. What the defense called a joke or statements protected by the first amendment. The prosecution called a true threat a true threat to murder. The prosecutor read the facebook posts. The jury in his final argument quote. If you're going to shoot someone go after a high value target get like pelosi. Aoc or schumer. They really need to be put down. We want you to hold a public execution of pelosi schumer etc. A member of alexandria. Ocasio cortez staff testified that they took the threat the threat seriously. The defense stressed the point. That brendan hunt. Took down the kill your senators video the day after he posted it he took it down. So what could be the problem.

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