A highlight from Meet Tamar Aphek, The Israeli Guitarist Who Plays 'Jazz & Roll'

World Cafe


You're listening to the world cafe. I am kalaheo tomorrow. Fat grew up in tel aviv. Israel as a classically trained musician before falling in love with rock bands like fugazy and the jesus lizard. She played in rock bands in the growing underground. Israeli rock seen before going solo in two thousand fourteen with her debut ep collision on her latest album. All bets are off tomorrow. Effect combines her love of rock and improvisation to create a sound she calls jazz enroll. We talked to effect about how this improvisation revealed itself during recording aiming for the right sound of distortion during her impressive guitar playing. And what attracted her to the song as time goes by you know the one humphrey bogart asks sam to play in the film. Classic casa blanca. But first we get started with the performance of too much information recorded live for the world cafe. It's tamar effect Too much information. I would rather have done now action. I'm on the too much in retaliation rather have all the beautiful locations and

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