A highlight from Lifestyle Makeovers: Toxic Relationships


Twenty five seasons four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes. I believe the oprah winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world Rolling never thought of it that way. The moments the breakthroughs the l. Ell's the connections the occasional ugly cry. I missing so terribly. I missed every single minute. The moments that matter i opening light lessons never allow them to take you somewhere else. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you again. Every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire. They want to know. Do you see me. do you hear me. That's what i say mean anything to you. You're listening to the oprah winfrey. Show the podcast if you are afraid of confronting somebody in your life. Who is judgmental. Somebody who just can't be happy for your success. It is a sign that you are not living with integrity. Today women start to restore their spiritual backbones by standing up to toxic friends and family members. Hard to do right. Yeah even the me and a shaken the here as hard shell richardson. Who heads up our lifestyle. Makeover team of experts is back with us on our program. Cheryl's showed us the three steps to start living your life with integrity i. She said you need to identify where you are. Not being truthful in your life and that happens in little ways and bakeware well you hear yourself say something to someone and think. Why did i just say that. That wasn't the truth or you'll make up an excuse for about something so you to figure out where you not telling the truth. I all right and get cleaned clean with that. That's right that's right next is creating an absolute integrity list of three promises right. Once he started dente fighing where you're not being truthful. The next step is to make some promises to yourself so that you'll start to restore your integrity. If you make excuses then make a promise that i will no longer make excuses. I'll say what it is. I need to say. Or if i'm saying yes when i mean no i'm gonna make a promise to start saying no when i mean no okay which is hard to do easy to do. Yes okay well here. We've been following people who've actually done it. Here are updates on marie and tracy who are part of our lifestyle makeovers and the promises they have made to begin to restore their own integrity. We've been following marie. The mother of four who had no energy and had not exercised in twenty five years now. Marie walks three miles everyday has more energy than she's ever had but she says she still tells herself little white lies about what she's eating to restore my integrity. I promise not to pretend that what i put in. My mouth doesn't matter or count. When i know that it does. I promise to treat my body with respect. I promise to keep my body moving to help build my self esteem mini. You've been following. Tracy whose chaotic life left her feeling empty. She's now started to eliminate what is draining her energy. I still struggle to be honest in all areas of my life. So here's how i'm going to start restoring integrity. I promise not to be a hypocrite. My thoughts and my spirit are in harmony. Promise to be honest in my interactions with others. No matter how difficult it may be. I promise not to be swayed by guilt or pressure to change my mind. The third step to restoring your integrity is to create a personal vision statement. Woo so important. That gives you clarity about your beliefs and who you want to be. Take a look at how kelly who we've also been following. Did just that. Kelly is a single mom who was living a financial lie. She was out of integrity and out of money. I'll feel like. I'm being the worst person when i realized that i'm out spending my money on the wrong things. Kelly has stopped lying in started taking responsibility for her own debt. Here's my vision of the woman i want to be. I am a woman that will be financially responsible in. Make honesty a part of everything i do. I am a mother. My daughter can count on and a friend who listen without judgment or gossiping. I am a secure woman. That will not fault myself for mistakes but take them as lessons. Well shirl says it you are not living with integrity than your life may be full of people who are draining your energy many of you wrote to us about toxic fringe or family members in your life hero from. I have friend who constantly blames me for her problem. He's very intimidating. Why is it my fault. That she doesn't have a good job or that. Our lives in chaos. I want to be supportive. But after conversation with her. I feel like i've just gone ten rounds with the heavyweight champ. Sometimes i think my friend just likes to hear the sound of our own voice. She's constantly complaining about what's not working in her life and every day brings a new price. It's like she's sucking the energy right out of me. What should i do. I get calls at all hours of the night from a friend who needs my constant guidance support at vise or just ordinary information. I wanted to be a good person but my friend is so needy and draining is keeping me for living my life any advice. My friend is constantly. Cut me off putting me down in reprimanding me. She tries to shame by making fun of me in front of other people. She never takes responsibility for the way things are between us. I've known her for a long time. But the bottom line is i. Just don't feel good about myself after with her. I have a friend who just can't be happy for my success. We used to commiserate about the things. We weren't happy about but since i've changed i feel like she's always looking at me and saying who does she think she is. I love that was okay. Kelly identifies with that statement. Not all of her friends have been happy about how she started to turn her life around so kelly was shocked when she accidentally to this received an email meant for someone else in her office. It was from a co worker that she considered to be a good brand and kelly's going to read the email that was accidentally sent to her. You have to watch that sinn. Button accidentally sent to her and it was about her. Okay let's hear it. It says i'm going to scream here. She goes on and on again. About what a relief. It was to be on the oprah show

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