A highlight from Friday 7 May


In the uk the labor party has suffered what it described as a shattering defeat losing a by election in the northern city of hartlepool by nearly seven thousand votes to the conservatives. Jill mortimer will be pleased as she became the first conservative to win the constituency since it was set up in nineteen seventy four. But what does all of this mean for the labour leader sir. Keir starmer and the left. That's been left behind and we'll be checking in with our man in the big apple. Henry sheridan whose prattling on about plastic bags and perhaps the most serious point about how the pandemic is affecting the environment plus as washingtonian media c. e. o. Kathy merrill weighs in on the importance of offices. We'll be discussing the way to work and the advantages of having an office culture spoiler alert. We're not remotely interested. Monaco's editors tackle these topics today on the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four hello and a very warm welcome to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It's friday. The seventh of may and josh bennett here in london.

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