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Ills. Good again and welcome. Thanks for joining us on the space. And that's podcast episode two hundred and fifty one. I'm your host or just the idiot at this end of the proceedings andrew. Dunkley clay's my name. Joining media's always the expert in everything the russ hinze of the enemy idiot at the other end of the line fred andrew. Good good to see you and he again this morning. Now i should nail qualify. What i said about russ hinze for everybody overseas. Or who doesn't live in queensland but russ hinze used to be a state minister in the state of queensland many years ago and russ was referred to as the minister for everything because he had so many portfolios so yes i suppose in the united states. You'd call him the secretary of transport the secretary of communications the secretary he had all these portfolios and so we just referred to him as the minister for everything a quad character in history the strategy politics he was. How are you good downing camera yesterday. Yeah would have been called. It was just where it went down on monday afternoon and went through horrendous thunderstorms and it just rained from then on. In fact my drive back last night it was in rain. All the way might just mentioned that. I was down there a one of the reasons why i was down. There was two attend the opening celebration of questions space exhibition the new honda konin space. Which is open to the public today. Stralia listeners to be going through camera you can visit this fantastic new exhibition which is a duplicate of the one that question recently provided for the australian space agency the headquarters down in another so to listen. I two i plan to say. The one in light is in september. I dont let me. Because i really wanna say that. Now coming up on today's episode. We're going to look at the expansion of testing of ingenuity because so far so good four-test down and looking fantastic. We're also going to talk about the quasar satellite and it's not what you might think by. Hearing the word quasar will also be discussing false positives when looking at planets and finding oxygen and going on oxygen. There are people. there's life everything's y- possibly not and space blobs space blobs. Probably the most exciting thing we've talked about in the wall space blobs. They do exist and questions from bill in michigan about the laurenz fitzgerald contraction starves. Give birth and chris in. Canberra has some ideas on how starlink can help in other ways aside from providing the internet. So we'll tackle all of that today. I on space nuts. But i fred has been sort of common practice for us. The last few weeks another situation with ingenuity four tests down all highly successful. They're starting to think beyond test five. Which is the pizza delivery test.

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