A highlight from CDL LAN Dates and Location, Fortnite Console Cup, OWL Surprise Retirement

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Hey folks, I'm Kevin Correia and this is your Esports minute. Big news out of the Call of Duty wage the return date and location for Lynn has been announced finally stage. Four, major will be held alive and off line at e Sports Stadium. Arlington outside of Dallas, Texas. Those dates will be closed. June 17th through the 20th and only part of the initial Return To Live events for the league with more to come as the season progresses along with the return tulle an announcement. The cedia will also be making a mid-season change shrink their game weeks from 5 to 4 days with game starting on Thursday instead of Wednesday the league. Also teased more viewership rewards as a season changes come down such as more double XP tokens and sneak rewards will leave the announcement in the podcast description. And here's a little something for the console players in your life. As epic games, has announced the fortnite console Champions Cup, the couple, start the season of Khan song. Only fortnite events tournament itself will have four rounds and each region to starting off with 1,500 teams for region. Shrinking down each round down to 250 teams for the final round. The track will advance through placements and eliminations. And will feature various prize pools of Europe, being the highest in a hundred twelve thousand dollars. Anyone is able to join in and play in the open qualifiers. The only requirement being that you are, in fact, a console fortnite player blachley out of the OverWatch league as the Paris, Eternal and Veteran. Neptune do have mutually agreed to part ways in a twit longer explanation. Neptune of felt that his performance package, start of the season, was less than lackluster. And after Consulting with eternal staff, the two parties concluded to step away neptuno became a journeyman player helping to establish. The Phila Fusion as a strong team in the inaugural watch League season pass rejoin, an expansion team out of guangxi now playing on and off the bench with long periods of inactivity. Thanks to the pandemic with Paris Eternal losing the majority of their staff and roster in the off-season. Neptune was birth In as a veteran presence but the team is faltered winning only one in four games neptuno did leave open the possibility for coaching opportunities. I'm Kevin Correia,

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