A highlight from Off Script: Getting Saved


Everybody. I'm chris out. And this is off script the podcast for every week. We take a deeper dive on last sunday. Sermon talked about the theology behind it and get a chance to discuss anything that ended up on the cutting room floor. We are right. Smack dab in the middle of our easter season sermon series. Called faith matters. Faith matters question. Mark is i guess. Week three yes of this particular series. And i'm loving this series but i have to say like i want to keep reading more of these theologians and i don't have enough time. Weird is doing a very brief introduction. Yeah folks for sure. And so. I'm hoping people can. At least you know get connected to at least one right kind of dive a little bit deeper at an you know. We're we very intentionally wanted a diversity of voices. So we had the the earliest church theologian time. You're very orthodox theologian. And then last week. We had a an abolitionist and a woman's rights advocate in likud ma. Today we're talking about james cone breaks added about this next week. We're talking about a lane. Heath think you and i both had it and perkins And then we're gonna end with francis and clare. Got the perfect balance of men and women We have a person of color today. We have a very contemporary person and local. Even he was for a while so You know there's with two thousand years of tradition. There's lots of folks. We could talk about fisher and we wanted to stay away from the obvious. The ones like argo. To's yeah so yeah it's been it's been a good spiritual practice for me to treat some people. I don't normally indus finding out people i never the creature ma. I'd never heard her major. Shot out stephanie for her. Yeah those are good. Good git Okay so just to recap the first week. We talked about common humanity. Last week we talked about common problem. Today's come solution. And so i want to talk about why we settled on that order. I mean i mean. I kind of note but why do you think people sometimes go ahead into okay. Let's talk about the solution and why that's not helpful You know it's it's fine to start with the solution you not. I'm a big fan. Yes he is the solution here the alpha and the omega the beginning of the end so that would be fine but the reason we laid it out like this. You know the the theme there. There are several things but one important thing for me in the series was to talk about our our commonality like what we have in common for obvious reasons for the weren't we live in a very divisive age in a very divisive kind of moment in this age and there's plenty of things that can divide us and so i felt like starting with our common humanity was week one the fact that we are all created in the image likeness of god. I think was an important starting place now the systematically like if we were doing our crato in systematic theology.

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