A highlight from Episode 319: How ML at the edge will make products truly smart


Episode of the internet of things. Podcast this is your host. Stacey higginbotham edger co host kevin full and. We have a really packed show for you today. We're gonna be talking about google's upcoming event. We have a plethora of stories and information about the chip shortage. We're also going to be talking about drone delivery from your grocer and are you ready for cameras in car. What might they do. I don't know we'll tell you. And we're gonna be talking about robots computer vision and robots plus. Matama can now answer your doorbell a. We've got funding for a popular wearable device. And whiting's has added a brand new health metric that i don't know if it's real or not but we're going to talk about it. Plus i'm gonna tell you a little bit about the lutron outdoor outlet and kevin is going to review the apple. Airtags where we're going to also hear from ryan prosser who is the ceo of very. They have a new podcast out. So you're going to hear about that on our sponsorship segment. Plus our guest is david mcintyre who is the vp of marketing with perceive. We're going to be talking about different use cases for machine learning at the edge. You will want to stay tuned for this because it's kind of like a glimpse of the future all right. Let's get the show started with a message from another one of our sponsors. That's right this week. Sponsor is very. Are

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