Charged in the death of George


Charged in the death of George Floyd, defense attorney Eric Nelson said Shobin acted reasonably. Nelson played body Cam video showing officers struggling to put Floyd in the squad car telling the jury cell phone video show been on Floyd's neck completely disregards what happened before she's at a minimum. Is active resistance, Mr points, not just simply getting in the back seat of the car prosecutor Steve Fletcher, referring to that cell phone video was George flight resisting when he was trying to breathe. No. No, and the defendant heard it, And he acknowledged it and all he did was mocked him. Mm hmm. It takes a lot of oxygen to complain. High security in Minneapolis in anticipation of unrest following a verdict, although it's unclear how long it will take the jury to reach one government buildings being fortified schools in remote learning for part of the week. Lina Moyes ABC News has more people get vaccinated against Cove in 19 is still important to avoid large gathering, state health officer Dr Dean Silencer says. Just because you're in a group outside doesn't make it safe Backyard gathering.

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