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To you buy it for cash flow and you buy it for depreciation on your taxes and appreciation is the hopeful benefit. Right the boehner's that you can expect but you can expect cash flow if you buy well and you can't expect to be able to depreciate on your taxes but the argument for appreciation or inflation has never been stronger in the twenty plus years jillian. I've been in real estate and this is something everybody knows at this point And really there's again this is it's going to just do nothing but make the market even hotter and because we're going be more money that's going to be rushing to invest in real estate and if you think it's been a furiously vast seller's market in the past twenty four months just wait over the next thirty six to sixty months so you better be learning how to become the listing agent. Well and remember the reason we're going into this deep dive is so that you guys stopped thinking that you're gonna wake up tomorrow and it's just going to be easier. There is no real estate crash on the horizon. By the way in case you guys have yet to request your free coaching call. I believe we have sixteen Free coaching calls spots left this week. Just text the word education. Two four seven three seven two text the word education two four seven three two sorry texas education two four seven. Three seven two. If you hear jillian. I are struggling a little bit. Sounds like we have allergies. Because here in puerto rico we are under. What is it julie. I say the dust warning industrial for the saharan desert. So there's a jewish chubby map. There's literally this big massive cloud of saharan dust blowing over from africa. That's halfway over All puerto rico. And it's going to be here just parked here right so we are struggling deftly to keep our throats clear injury. Our weather comes out of africa. We've had these omnipresent headaches for the past two or three days. Everybody that comes. Out of africa's i wouldn't believe that the first time may told me that when we lived in ohio we had to worry about was alberta clip alberta clippers. These horrible cold fronts in canada. But now they're in puerto rico is very dust clouds. Yes okay so. Our next point is the coronavirus. Pandemic is a short-term component that stacked upon the long term trend that we've been talking about from our previous points. People want more space more privacy and now have the freedom to move markets. This is a whole demographic that probably would not have been moving if but for the coronavirus pandemic. That's another reason it's a large. It's the largest migration trend sense the industrial revolution which a lot of people don't understand israel in the industrial revolution. People were moving from the countryside to the city centers in order to basically have work. Now what's happening is people can have work and move back to the countryside. And that's what they're doing. There was a lot of people there were saying. That was just a temporary trend because of coronavirus. But it's not just a temporary trained because of coronavirus it's a permanent trend that essentially as made krona virus made it a happen really in in such a way that businesses started realizing that they can have remote workers. And that's one of the reasons. Frankly that xp realty is going to continue to be if you know it's going to be the largest real estate brokerage in the world. I'd be shocked if that didn't happen. Because everywhere globally people are wanting to essentially move outside the city centers. Not just because of fear of the coronavirus or maybe even social unrest or things of that nature is because they want a different quality of life. I didn't say better right said different. They've lived in cities they've had to essentially endure the high cost of cities in some cases very high cost of cities. And now they're saying you know what. If i can keep my high high paid job and i can move to someplace like you know murphy. North carolina and live in the mountains. I'm definitely going to do that. And move the heck out of maybe for example atlanta and that's what people are doing and that trend is going to continue. And if you're not aware of that trend if you're thinking that somehow the like i was to someone in the upper east side of new york and he was seems greg and he was kind of panicky about the values up reciting ask our opinions. Do you think the trend of people moving back the upper east side's going to think that's going to reverse back to people. Returning a post moving out in the answer is no. It's not gonna reverse now anytime soon. There's too many headwinds right now to people moving back to the cities and the chrome took. What would have happened. As a result of essentially people being able to use broadband and work anywhere using like startling satellites and all the rest of it now krona virus made what am naturally happened over. The next ten or fifteen years happened inside eighteen months. I think normally or naturally there would have been a migration like happened in the past eighteen months.

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