Why We Need to Stop Glamorizing Overworking


We need to stop glamorizing. I've working the absence of sleep. Good diet exercise. Relaxation and time with friends and family isn't something should be applauded too. People wear that burn out as a badge of honor. And you know it needs to change and this was by katie lesson or leasing. Harvard that the managing director of chain uk. And i saw this quite on facebook. And i resonated heavily with it and we will dive into that but overworking can really come in so many forms not just the absence of sleep good diet exercise and on all those other things but overworking can be overtraining with exercise. It could be constantly putting yourself second or third to those around you and your life. It could be staying back late because expected of you. To put in the hodja can sacrifice your health for company. who says you as a statistic. Overworking can be exercising on shade diet. It can mean neglecting compuserve instead of giving you all the energy to to other people's problems like burnout. It looked it is essentially what i call human flat batteries. As we're nearing the state all flat batteries. Things don't seem to function as well in life and you'll know that you'll look at yourself and as you start to feel like you're burning out you'll notice that your mental health dips. You know you're losing sleep. He may begin me self with how you look in the mirror and usually pretty good with that. You usually pretty calm. You've got a good perspective on life and little things to set you off you make it snappy maybe even a bit emotional or even overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks

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