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Incident, it happened so fast and there was such a flurry. I'm mistaking, Lee said. That was willpower. I'm sure power is thrilled to know that I Obviously had that incorrect because not that he would want that to happen to his teammate, Joseph New guard, But now that we know everybody's okay. Power, of course, remains out in his running in the fourth position, But Ryan Hunter raised car got up against the tire barrier. Far to the outside of turn. Number six. It would appear is, though, that actual damage is terminal because the front left seemed to have too much damage on that DHL machine. We shall see. What comes of that is David had mentioned Max Children was finally able to drive away Joseph New Gardens car and Felix Rosenquist. Both had been removed by toe here off of the racetrack. So obviously a lot of damage here early on in the outgoing, so to speak of this race down the pit road primary. Thanks, Jake. Yeah, a lot of chatter on the radios here during this yellow about fuel numbers and fuel saving, And the reason for that is there was some discussion about whether it to stop. Strategy could make it on the thought process primarily was, Yeah, we could do, But we're gonna need some yellow and it looks like we might have an extended clean up here. And so that could open up that opportunity to go on strategy. Do this to stop strategy, especially if you're a little bit further back in the pack, And I know it's gotten the Glock was team in particular has been talking about Trying to keep an eye on his fuel number, and they're planning to let Scott know when that to stop window opens

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