A highlight from Episode 7 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access w/ IFC


Texas podcast network and so if this sounds exciting to you make sure to subscribe but without further ado. Let's turn it over to colton mandel with inter fraternity council better known as ifc is the ifc president so colton. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell yourself. Tell us all a little bit about you bruce. Thanks for having me. So we're said in scope mandel Senior here at texas vice president for president past year. And i'm actually headed out tomorrow so there'll be new shoes Or new feet in these shoes Starting tomorrow which is exciting. 'cause we can build up all the things we worked on over the past year All the mistakes we made we can learn from and then all the ideas that we started. And then we're able to finish They'll be able to go forward and complete them so we're looking forward to that. So what's on what's in congrats on getting to the end of your term and looking forward the baulky getting pass forward. We'll get to that in a second. But what's next for you out of curiosity. What's what's coming up after you finish this spring. We'll be graduating in two weeks and grad going down. Thank you very much Then going down to houston And we'll be working at wellsfargo Doing investment banking so very looking forward to that as well and ready to go get in the real world and my hands dirty well. Congratulations on the job. Congrats on graduating celebrating. All these times but finished strong. You got two weeks okay. Zero almost there so with that let's reflect back and just kinda give the listeners and understanding of this whole. Ifc thing a what for those who don't know please walk us through what. Ifc is what it means to be ifc. President what is that. So i've seen a collection of I've recognized fraternities and So apparently we have eighteen different fraternities which are a part of us and each from operate under their own guide And have their own election process and their own judicial boards in their own bylaws And icu essentially is just the council. That binds them all together So and the way i was elected was each chapter. President gets a vote. Obviously chapter of the jackson president. Then they get a vote. For who the i i've seen board should be and then dive seaboard. We'll go and make decisions or make a bio adjustments in different decisions and then we'd present though those To the chapter presidents for them to vote on Almost be like if the as a sin taxes. We vote for our governor governor Were the one who voted on different. Instead of congress voted on Laws and bills then voted and the next president as well. That's green structure. Yeah that's really put that but There's a little nuance there in that. Is that you were are are part of a fraternity but then also duly another role and in this governing council thing right.

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