A Gay Teen Struggles to Exist in 'Moffie'


This is fresh air. Our film critic Justin Chang recently caught up with the new movie Mafi, which tells the story of a white South African teenager hiding his sexuality as a young soldier under apartheid in the early 19 eighties. You can stream it now on many major platforms. Here's Justin's review the brutal and mesmerizing new film Muffy takes place in South Africa in 1981 when white teenage boys are conscripted to fight in the country's border wars. Story follows a group of these young men as they endure the rigors of basic training and are sent to fight communist forces from neighboring Angola. The conflict that most concerns The movie, adapted from Andre Carl Vandermeer Vase autobiographical novel is the one raging inside. It's 16 year old protagonist, Nicholas He's coming to grips with his homosexuality in an environment that couldn't be more hostile to it. Nicholas, played by a quietly magnetic newcomer named Kai Luke Brummer feels like an outsider from the start, and not just because of his forbidden desires. He was born in England, as anyone can tell from his accent and gets hazed by some of his more loudest comrades early on. That's nothing compared with the verbal and physical abuse dished out by their commanding officers who make our Lee Ermey in full metal jacket look downright cuddly. Nicholas makes connections, too. Befriends another young man, Michael, who was quick to defend him against bullies. Nicholas Forge is a much more dangerous bond in secret one rainy night when the young men are forced to dig trenches and sleep in them. Seeing Nicholas Shiver miserably in the cold. Another soldier, Dylan gently persuades him to curl up next to him for warmth. What happens next is fairly tame. As movie seductions go, nothing more explicit, it suggested than a few tender caresses and piercing glances. It has a

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