Baker Mayfield’s Contract With Cleveland Browns Extended Through 2022


The Cleveland Browns picked up the fifth year option for Baker Mayfield. Guaranteed at least two more seasons of the man, maybe more. He gets that contract extension and he's eligible for He was selected number one overall in the draft. That included Sam Donald two spots after him, Sam Donald looking for a new start right now, with Carolina Panthers. You can also take a look at Josh Allen selected at seventh overall, he played at an M V p level last year. And then someone who did when the M V P And has a regular season record. This is just ridiculous. I think the record might be 30 and seven Is Lamar Jackson. Baker Mayfield is to do that's just like you would select the number one. How come the other two guys had better careers or better starts than you? Baker did throw 27 touchdowns that rookie year. He did regressing year too. He did light it up last year. Think Baker is the man. I think he is the long term answer. The Cleveland Browns. I think he is able to turn things around, especially with all of the talent that he has around him because he doesn't have to do it

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