The Mindset of the Unstoppable Leader With TJ Everheart


My guests day is tj ever hurt. Tj's as the owner of tj ever consulting inc an operations and performance management consulting firm. She has over twenty years of operations. Management experience gained from wells. Fargo t mobile an f. I. s. her consulting firm helps organizations identify the human factors preventing them from meeting their operational performance goals and then offer the necessary training to correct the issues. She's also the co owner of capture training solutions a workplace training and development company. Thanks so much for joining me today. Tj diane thank you so much for having me excited. Thank you so much but they can about me. I'll i am super excited to have you here. We are going to be talking about. Being an unstoppable leader. Which i think is such a great topic. Oh we're going to dive right in. I wanna know what are some of the key. Attributes of an unstoppable leader. You know there. There are several But i always start with being introspective and the leader has to. I understand recognized their strengths and their weaknesses. You now a lotta times. The leader has a great ability to identify those things and others. You know those things that are the most about other people would. They aren't doing what the team isn't doing. So whenever i am Coaching and developing leaders. I always start with the leader. So the leader themselves has to first be able to identify what they're good at and what they're not good at and then they have to be able to take accountability within themselves. To fix those things and let others they. The leader has to be able to be cultural also and they must know that you know as great as they are right. They some stuff that they're missing. Believe it has to be able to say you know. I am cultural. I recognize that In order for me to be the best in my team. I can't operate in my weaknesses and expect them to operate in their strengths.

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