Upheaving A Team ft. OWL Dallas Fuel General Manager, TazMo


The start of the OverWatch League season this year, got to bring on Matt tazmo. Taylor GM General Manager for the Dallas fuel from Envy game, how you doing that as well. Hey, I'm doing great. How about yourself? I'm good, man. It's it's been a been a lot of stuff on your plate as of what this past few months, right? Yeah, definitely. It's been a very busy offseason as with every offseason, but this one specifically was a very long one, and a good one versus one, of course, of course. So times when you've been the Dallas fuels general manager since their inaugural season, all the way back in what county 2018 - 2017 is. Yeah, I mean basically as soon as the bell before the horse League I was still managing the Envy of watched T. I became the Dallas fuel season so page everything OverWatch have been from the start come and become Dallas Fuel and then being with Envy for four and a half years or something like that now so yeah. Awesome. So let's let's address the elephant in the room. Everybody wants to wants to know about and you being the the GM kind of it felt to you and and your team over there. What exactly the overhaul you revamp? The team from top to bottom dead. What led to the choice to go with this current I guess all all Korean right all Korean roster. Yep. Yeah. So basically you know, at the end of last season pass, you know, we obviously weren't happy with where we were, you know, always striving to be a very competitive team in any League. We're in an eight-game we're in and that just wasn't really the case with the roster, I know like the the team, there's a give it their all and really tried to to produce the results, but it just didn't happen. And we realized that this was the time where we could really kind of revamp and and change up a roster and dead. Since then we basically had the opportunity for the first thing and the First Foundation was to look at a new head coach and a new culture stuff in general. And after talking to Young, Who I was a nice rest with near the end of the season, obviously taken up that had cultural, he'd obviously had a lot of respect for a rush who was formerly purse turtle. And then went to say you was also former element Mystic who was incredibly successful contenders roster and Canada started from there.

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