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Are joined by van leith in the cost of higher learning and eddie murphy expert to break down the career. One of the greats. What what i what. I what i was going on with guys hanging in there excited to talk about eddie. We're gonna do a hall of fame here so for the folks out there who have never heard hall of fame episode very briefly. Break down what we do on these episodes. We have built halls of fame for tom. Hanks roger deakins. Nancy meyers toshiro buffoon. A monster movies and most recently george clooney. So it's time for eddie. What we doing we build. A hall is ten films from a career. No more no less. He's got forty movies so we got a lot to talk about here. I'm going to start with this. Amanda eddie murphy. What do you think. I think of multiple eddie. Murphy's i think of a lot of characters all in one movie. This is going to be interesting van. I'm really excited to talk to you about all of these because i've been listening to unsurprisingly. There are a lot of rewatch ables movies. Eddie murphy movies on rewatch bulls and i was listening to some of them in. You're on several of them. And you know i had that podcast thing where you want to respond to the person but you know it's a podcast so now you're here and it's a privilege to get to talk to you but for me eddie murphy is a little bit of. It's a generational cork for me. Because i am just. I think a little bit more than both of you and so i became kind of like movie aware movie sentient like mid nineties. Nine hundred ninety five nine hundred ninety six. And i've done a lot of catch up but if you become aware of movies in the mid nineties that means that the first eddie murphy. You get the nutty professor and then milan. And then shrek. I saw shrek in theaters. Not above it. So you know at that point. He's like the elder statesmen of comedy super established. Like i knew the beverly hills cop steam song and dance to it while before i saw it but kind of understanding him as like family eddie murphy and then catching up on everything else. Interesting chronological or not chronological murphy. Experience for me. Then you want to do your history with eddie. I know you are been living with him for a long time. Yes i have been So i hambur what year this was and i don't wanna insult my parents. Every time i mentioned my parents. I get some minor detail wrong and then i have to hear about it into along to our phone call. Your parents listen airpods today. Let's no your show's. I wish they wouldn't but that's nice. Yeah i wish they would but they My father was taking me to see a movie. We were all going to the movies but this time we were breaking it off like my father was taking me to see one of the superman movies. It's either three or four and my sister. My grandmother my mother went to see beverly hills cop two and this was my first experience with with with seeing people so jazz to see a movie because they went this way. Like we went to the superman franchise. I fell off by that point so we went this way and they go this way when they go this way. They're all of these people over there. And i'm like daddy i wanna go over here and he's i know that's too old for you. We're gonna go watch superman. And i say that because that's the moment that i actually became movie sentient by. That's the start of it. That's like what are these people into. Before that i can't tell you when i i kind of became aware of eddie murphy. Because he's like michael jackson in the sense that there was never a time. I wasn't aware of him. I was born in nineteen eighty so by the time. I start getting Information downloaded into me eddie. Murphy's a part of that he's like a part of that thing but the first time. I realized that this guy isn't just a do that. I see on tv or the guy that that he is. The biggest thing in the world is what i saw. People excited to go for it felt. So that's my that's my memory of him and it's not even necessarily what you might call one of his mega classics like beverly hills. Cop two was the event that you can remember that says a lot. And that's eighty seven net says a lot about where we were with. Eddie he was kind of in the middle of i. There are very few movie star runs in the history of movies like the one he had in the eighties. The rise to fame which starts on. Tv i guess tom hanks Robin williams maybe In terms of just successful movies maybe will in there but those movies weren't weren't quite the same as well. what is there were talking about. It's really remarkable when you think about it. There's no like they're not like high concepts with willa was like he needed to be punching an alien in the face to get to this level and like eddie movies are just like it's especially in the eighty s. Eddie is just running around doing stuff. That's that is what this movie is. He's he's being harassed whether he's a cop or he's a convict fresh outta jail or if he's a guy off the street who gets taken into financial institution like it's just it's entirely built around his persona and his sense of humor which is is unusual. We don't see that very much. These

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