We are witnessing a tremendous pain in our world. Why


ABC News. I'm Brian Clark, President Biden and members of his administration were involved in ending an hours long stalemate over unemployment benefits in the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says that when it went went against the president's pledge of unity instead of trying to bring us together He's on the phone, making sure a couple of Democrats will not work with the Republicans. And that's so sad. A deal was reached, says ABC is handy Field. The Senate deal would give unemployed Americans $300 a week on top of their state benefits, and it would run through the first week in September. The deal also makes the first roughly 10,000 and unemployment checks nontaxable Republicans had convinced Democrat Joe Manchin to sign onto the lower number. Democrats delayed everything till they could extend the benefits who early fall and right now senators were voting on proposed amendments to the bill final. Passage is expected sometime this weekend. California is going to allow theme parks sports venues to reopen April 1st capacity will be determined by Corona virus levels in the states Regions 85 Million doses of vaccine have now been administered and with three different kinds now available. Infectious disease expert on ABC News contributor Dr Todd Ellen says all of them are good. What's important is that all free of these vaccines that have been given away in the United States Protect against severe infection they protect against hospitalization. Getting into the intensive care unit and death. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo saw some of his emergency pandemic power repealed the New York state Legislature voting to strip governor Andrew Cuomo of the emergency powers he was granted to handle Cove it It came, as the New York Times reported the governor's staff rewrote a report in June, taking out the fact that more than 9000 New Yorkers had already died in nursing homes that ABC, Stephanie Almost the governor's office pushback on that you're listening to ABC news friends.

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