Brooklyn Nets hold off New York Knicks to claim victory

The Free Agents


To brooklyn nets are so good. It's a little unfair. They play the next monday and they weren't getting enough stops in the first half. This is what makes them so dangerous. They could keep an offensive crater. Like hardin in the game steve. Nash did and he said you know. Let's get all d. around him. The bringing bruce brown. Nick claxton to get the d. Gone and it worked throwing kevin durant when he comes back. They've got too many weapons heart and finished the game with twenty one. Fifteen and fifteen curry had thirty four. The game did end on a bit of a strange call against julius randle who up for three point shot. Kara got a piece of it randall. Land and tried to put on the floor any chopped up and miss a three point shot but scott foster calling for travel because he put it on the floor. I've never heard of that rule. That scott foster said if it came a little bit loose. He could put it on the floor but that was a travel either way. The nets are a half game back of philly for first in the east and they could get

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