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The ball and again, Chong Qui walks it up the floor, the second slowest tempo in the country. That's how Mount ST Mary's operates. Yanqui right side of the floor into the circle Retreat with the dribble. Step back three over. Gilliam is long and right Rebound Texas Southern and Galen Alexander 17 to 11 the Mount 7.5 to go first half Gilliam Spin Move in the lane Poked away and stolen Mount ST Mary's right to left. John Queen lays it up. No! Oh, Pochi! Mr. Follow slam DeAndre Thomas with another offensive rebound and he puts it home. It wasn't a poku, but it was Thomas and it's a 19 to 11 lead for the Mountaineers. Very unselfish. To passing the ball ahead in Texas Southern to your players barely got past half court, not a sprint back defensively. Alexander on the left wing for Texas Southern Top of the yard now left side and John Jones sand to shoot for the Tigers back to Gilliam out front. Now, Galen Alexander. They guarded by offering three to shoot for the Tigers, Walker spin move in the lane, and he puts it up. It's good from 10 ft. Away in the lane. Texas Southern had made just one of their last seven shots different that time Walker with the spin move the time before he spun that the defense was extended out that time the arrest the defense was down the baseline, so he had some room to maneuver. Thomas straight away from out ST Mary's Down the right lane line shut Rejected out of balance by John Walker. The third on that sends us to an official time out. 6 30 remaining in the first half. Mount ST Mary certainly controlling the tempo, and they have believe 1913 over Texas Southern You're listening to the men's basketball tournament on

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