Carson Wentz Says Goodbye To Philadelphia Eagles, Welcomes Fresh Start With Indianapolis Colts

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Carson. Wentz officially introduced as a colts. Now that we're day into the new league year and went hoping for world. Class makeover in indy with frank reich. Who made a big bet on wins putting his career on the line bringing the quarterback. They were an excellent match before the colts. Well built around wins. So here's what went said today about his fresh start. You know you gotta just be intentional. One by one build those relationships and like you said respect is earned not giving so. I look forward to earning a lot of guys respect and You know i i. I'm confident that that will happen. Go trike. I'll never forget when i was working out in fargo north dakota before the draft. It was an instant that we just had this connection on how we see the game and how he challenge each other and ultimately make each other better super excited about getting to work with him again. Because i have the utmost respect for the man that he is also. The coach. study is as well guys here with you for the next hour as well as schefty didn't orlowski. Marcus spears matt miller will join us for a little draft talk later but let's get back to what we just heard from. Carson wentz introduced today. Dan alaska simply is this. How does he move. Forward was carson wentz's success this year. We'll start off the field. There are more questions than answers about him right now. So how is it going to turn the bad of last year into the good this year. What did you learn when it comes to relationships. How are you going to be better at relationships. How are you going to be better at leadership. How are you going to be better at handling the adversity off the field. I mean he just talked about earning the respect of his teammates and in the locker room. Think about this. He can go into that locker right now. This is what i would do if i was him. Sit down with those new coach teammates. How did philip rivers do it. Filled came from a different team and he came down year. What did he do. Endeared himself to you guys how did he earned your respect. What's what's stuff that that clicked with you guys because the reality is you don't have to sit here and say that you've got to be somebody or not. You can still be the genuine authentic person that you are but the reality is you should be ever changing. You should be ever-growing. And i liked the fact that he said. I've got to be intentional because the truth is this when september comes. No one cares about your excuses. Excuses or explanations you've got to figure out in the next five months in the midst of unique off season again how to earn. How do prove to your teammates that you're the guy proved to your teammates that you will take over this locker room and become part of it. That's his biggest challenge and once he realizes that off the field is equally if not more important on the field. That's when he can start to rebuild his career. Yeah no doubt. I think self awareness as well like the indianapolis colts need carson wentz to come and fix them as a football team he needs to. They need him to come. Add to what they already have going already building. And there's a amount of pressure on carson winston. He never felt in philly because of the situation. And he walks into. And they are frank reich as well like frank reich has attached is job to carson wentz internally him around and making him the quarterback that that can get team to where they think they can go but india set. They have a good offense around. Obviously they make moves at tackle. They have a good running back. Good receivers a defense that at the top level of the nfl last year. so carson winston is not coming into a bad situation this is a rehab for carson wins. This is not a rehab for the indianapolis colts. He needs to be aware aware of that as well. And look i wish and hope that carson wentz turns this thing around and has a lot of success. I'm just going to sit back and see how he handles the pressure. Because now you're on a playoff team. You're around got dairies. Linda put it out there right here to win. Don't care about what you have to say don't care about your past that these that transpired pencil tired about if you're going to come play for the indianapolis colts come to win. So there's a lot on the line of course a wins but there's also a lot on the line for the indianapolis colts football team as far as where they wanna go and a hell of a lot of framed right for sticking his neck out there to say i'm the guy that can get the carson that we saw in twenty seventeen. And if he is. The indianapolis colts are absolutely a legit super bowl contender.

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