Effects of Social Media on Self-Esteem with Dr Lori Whatley


Media is really starting to have an impact on on self esteem especially younger people And the almost to the point of making them somewhat delusional about the world that they live in and other people. So you know it's been linked as said to higher levels of of of you know self esteem along with loneliness envy anxiety depression and narcissism. So why are we so addicted to social media if it causes all of these issues dr wildly. How can we stop it. How can we. What can we do. You know it is so true. We there are a lot of research and more and more every day coming out about how we are affected but people people don't really put the two together they they don't realize that their anxiety and their question is is due to their online usage something lonelier because at first glance it looks like you know the world is out there living this amazing social life which is exactly the opposite of the person that scrolling through social media usually and and that's like to stay on that slippery slope things diety and and those things you mentioned and as i said most of us just don't relate that negative feeling that we're having To the social media usage but we have research that don't like the to. yeah. I mean i You know i just. I think a couple months ago got an instagram on my own personal one. I've only got like nine nine post on there so far. But i did it because i was almost forced to like you have to do it. Social media is so important. You know if you if you're on radio or whatever just just in business. In general social media is important for your advertisers. And all these things that you have to interact interact with if you own a business. But i don't like it. I never have. I was probably one of the last businesses to to get on social media. I fought it for years And so i'm way behind the game and you know what dr wildly don't care. I really don't care. is that a. Is that a bad thing. No absolutely not i. I understand what you're saying. I know when. I wrote my second book to find a as i was looking for a publisher. That was one of the questions. They all wanted like. Do you have a social media platform. Just you're writing a book about Media that it's not helpful though I get what you're saying. But but i think it's really helpful for us to hold on to our our values and what we know into typically that we need. And you know you you can do what i do and have someone else Manager social media if it becomes too much for you. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah no. I have someone but i even feel guilty about having them having to be on social media all the time. I just don't like it. I don't think it's healthy at all a little bit a little bit of something. I guess is okay junior. I'm going to pull you into this. How do you feel about social media. You've got two young daughters like me. Years are a little bit younger but do you like them being on social media and do you see it becoming potentially a a problem in their lives. So i'm kinda split on a two. Because i need social media for what i do as far as work goes But and i. I see that social media like the there is some good things so we do for my daughter's as we have the passwords to all their accounts So we get notifications just like they do if anybody tries to message them With they're not allowed to accept friends unless we see first We just had to put some restrictions on it and and we do check and we randomly check and they know that. So you know that. I think that's just what you have to do as a parent you kind of have to police their pages i. It's kinda hard to to completely take it away. 'cause they'll find a way. I mean kids. I have a friend whose daughter found a way to make fake accounts and they you know they they do things to get around so i i i. I don't wanna like tell them they can't do it but they do know that. I'm watching Your oldest did you thirteen. She just turned thirteen. She's from fourteen fourteen. Okay and minus sixteen going on seventeen and so they're very close in age and it does get more difficult to to manage it or oversee as they get a little older you want them to be more independent. You don't want them clinging to you Because you just want you wanna have confident and independent children so it is a very difficult line to walk. Dr wildly suggest that parents do well. I think is a very important part of parenting now and in this new digital environment that has become paramount in our world so we we need to Be educated on the things that can happen. And we need to educate our children and they need to understand that yes we are going to parent them responsibly. Around this i love the things that junior said that they are doing and there are many at now that you can get you know to monitor what's going on with your kids on social media and to block out offensive Website and whatnot because you we need to be aware there are some stories right now in the media about things going on that started on social media and it's really scary like what for example. Well i this one of the things that what predators how determined you know. Yeah who are who are out there posing as someone completely different than who they actually are and once story out there is of an actual predatory. Was you know pain to the home of a child an underage minor. And you know so. This is really frightening. Yeah it is frightening. You know it's so you know to go back to what we originally What i asked you about you know You know the higher levels of social media being associated with loneliness envy anxiety depression narcissism. What are some of the signs that social media is becoming an issue. Psychologically for not just a child but even an adult how do how do you know that you've you've entered into the danger zone if you will well the that. Social media's becoming a problem is when you know in in in the areas that you mentioned like loneliness and anxiety depression in the You know just like anything. We become addicted to be able to have import questions. Are we able to do without this are we. Okay with introducing balance. How much angst does it caused us to put this down and walk away from it for a while. Those are those are very telltale signs. If if we have a problem. Yeah i don't i think it's getting to the point almost like i don't know like it has with I gotta be very careful what i say here. I don't wanna. I don't want to come come off as i'm judging anyone but you know when when you put your picture out on social media and you've gotten to the point where you must put built around because nobody even knows what you look like really without a filter and there are so many of them That make you look younger. Make you look thinner. Make your you know your skin. Look amazing i mean it goes over basically as a swipe now as i understand it you can it can heighten your cheekbones. Make your lips fuller like change the tone of your skin your hair like all the stuff like why is that even necessary. Have we become a society. That is so shallow that we must see everyone at their best. Always like looking beautiful. Even if they're not really and say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We shouldn't even be at a point in our world where we're even looking at that anymore. But i don't know if that'll ever go away. I mean beauty something that we evaluate since the beginning of time right. Oh yeah but think of the thirty of what you just shared. I mean that that that's so sad. And and thank the pressure that is put on people especially teenagers vaults and what is the message that we are sending our young people with all these filters and whatnot. Yeah well it's it's certainly something that we all need to contemplate especially those that have

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