Self-Adjusting Clocks

The Mason Minute


It's been what three or four days since the time change now. And i've got to admit the one thing i love about living in our modern era his self adjusting clocks. We have a lot of clocks around the house. Most of which are attached to some kind of digital device and they now update themselves course. Everybody's got their clocks their microwave the clock on the range. I've got a couple of clocks upstairs. That i have to manually update but for the most part all of our clocks update themselves. I remember back to the nineteen eighties when all those cheap digital watches became very popular. And i had cheap digital watch collection kind of cartoon watches. If you will. And the two times a year i really hated or spring and fall time change because i had to go through an update. Those digital watches one by one. Those digital watches are stored away somewhere long. Worn down long. Run down and long stop working. I remember growing up. My father used to spend a lot of time on that saturday night of time. Change going through the entire house updating them before we went to bed now the clocks here in the house. I don't mind not updating. It's a pain but not quite the pain. It was back in the day.

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